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A perfect match: ‘Good’ and God

Dear Lucy: It is another year! Maybe that means that I don't have to go through all the stuff I went through last year that made my life just one long, hard, bumpy road. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for all things good, I just don't want to struggle this year. Any ideas?

– Struggling in the City

Dear "Struggling": For starters, how about changing your name? Let this be the year that you decide upon your true identity.

In Genesis, Adam was given the privilege of naming all that God made! Now, God said all that He made was good. So begin this year by choosing a name for yourself that doesn't include a picture of a pitiful, helpless, struggling ant. I refuse to accept that life has to be a struggle. Life is simply whatever I believe it to be. God said it is good and I'm going with that.

Once you change your name, stick to it. And then, you won't have to pick and choose what you will be thankful for. You said you are thankful for the good things. When we decide to believe God's idea of His creation we are able to be thankful for all things.

As we exercise our right to name all that we see and steadfastly stick to it being good, strange things start to happen. The Word says that "God's eyes are too pure to see evil." He didn't make it, He can't see it. Just make a commitment to look for the good.

All that any of us are ever looking for is the good we think ought to be ours. It is placed in us to look for the good and that good becomes our God. We are always longing to find the truth hidden deep within us. Be happy...it's there!

We give incorrect names to the passions or methods of others when they are desperately looking for that good. We call them thieves, murderers, drunkards, gluttons, prostitutes, bums and all kinds of mistaken labels of misunderstanding. They are looking for the good that they know they ought to be having. They just never learned that they are seeking after righteousness and they already have it. They don't know that they already have the power to think it, speak it, write it, live it! They somehow never learned how very powerful they really are.

You are powerful, we are powerful. Let this be the year you claim that power.

Let this be the year that you speak the name given to you to use for miracle-working power. Jesus Christ, Emanuel, God with us...all of us. In over 100 languages, the word for God is "good." Good with us. Good is simply everywhere all the time, inescapable.

Take the leap. Take the risk of being different, being laughed at, being confident in "Goodness." At first, just keep it to yourself. Focus on "thinking" it. Pretty soon you will see so many wonderful things happen in your life that you will get the courage to speak it. You will be willing to say, "God is my Good," and mean it because you have seen it with your own eyes by insisting that this is all there is. You have learned to use the name correctly!

Now when you are laughed at for naming all things good and refusing to see or claim any evil, struggle, lack or limitation watch what happens. You may be different, laughed at or called crazy. But you will also be healthy, prosperous, wise, powerful and at peace.

Try something different this year. Don't struggle. Just rest. Rest in the whole truth and use your new name.

Can you finish this sentence? "...As for me and my house..." In scripture, the word house always refers to our mind or consciousness. The only thing you have control of is your own mind, your own thinking. Let this be the year you think omni-ever present "Good" and deny evil. There is no war. We don't have to fight or struggle. The war is already won. We simply have to march in every moment claiming and owning our "Good."

Remember, do it quietly inside your own mind until you have your evidence. "God is a rewarder of those who seek Him early." To me, "early" just means all the time. Demand the "Good" and expect the "Good!"

Happy New Year,


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+1 #1 jan patterson 2013-01-03 12:10
what a nice piece of Words that Lucy used here to describe our God and His Grace. I am just learning this in big style. I read in Matthew the WHOSOEVER saith to this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and not doubt in his heart but believe the things that he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith I use to concentrate on casting the mountain into the sea. But I realized it was the WHOSOEVER that is important. That means sinners and saints alike. Wowee

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