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Soul-directed sights come into view when resistance is kicked to the curb

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Dear Lucy: Last year I started wearing eyeglasses. I have had to have the prescription changed once this year to a stronger lens. The doctor says that I don’t have any kind of awful threat of going blind or anything like that, it’s just that I have reached a certain age. I really don’t like wearing glasses and I am always misplacing my glasses. It’s really getting annoying because I seem to be obsessed with this thing about my eyes. Any thoughts about this?

– CY

Dear CY: It seems that during the past few weeks I have been having lots of thoughts about my own eyes and other people are talking to me about theirs! You are seeing a doctor and so you should deal with your doctor on what’s happening from a physical standpoint. I have mine checked right on schedule and recently renewed my prescription. My opinion, on the other hand is from a different perspective. When I think about the human faculties of seeing and hearing, this statement of Jesus always comes up for me....“Let those with eyes to see, see and those with ears to hear, hear.” He was not talking about physical eyes and ears. Rather, he was referring to our spiritual sight and hearing.

Here is what has been happening to me over the last two to three months. I let this slip by me until recently when some things started happening to make me stop and really consider. I have been wearing eyeglasses as a necessity for several years now. I really resisted wearing them. My baby sister had LASIK surgery at 40 years old after wearing glasses from the time she was a teen. She called me on her way from the surgery amazed at her new found capacity to see clearly without glasses. I am ten years older than her and at the time that I checked into the surgery, I was told my eyes were “too old.” So, while I don’t receive this business about “old eyes” (or old anything!), I settled on wearing my eyeglasses.

Now, I like to make life fun and interesting. So does my sister, Carole, who also wears glasses. So we buy prescription eyeglasses in different shapes, colors and styles just to entertain our vanity and maybe even make an occasional fashion statement while we use the gift of physical vision. That may seem expensive or extravagant to some, but it’s a choice between the glasses and some other thing to spend money on. We have also found an affordable means of doing this. And, it works for us.

But, lately, I have been misplacing eyeglasses left and right! I mean flat out losing them and not being able to find them. This is a weird thing for me because I believe that nothing in God’s universe can be lost...temporarily misplaced, but not lost. I now have three pairs of missing eyeglasses.

Here is what I am doing about it:

One: I am affirming diligently that they are not lost.

Two: my prayer partner reminded me that I told her years ago to drink Eyebright tea when she had an eye problem and it worked. I went to buy some at Whole Foods and they were out. Since number one and two are not working for me, I have gone deeper into my spiritual arsenal.

So, Three:  I am asking myself, “What is it that my soul is urging me to see with the eyes of my spirit that I am resisting?” This came to me the other day when I left home driving and suddenly couldn’t see out of my glasses very well. I stopped the car and asked myself this question. I asked it with an intention, willingness and expectation that the answer would be revealed to me and I would hear it! Immediately, my vision cleared up and I could see (with my glasses) to drive safely again. Same glasses. Nothing changed except my willingness to see from the spirit whatever God needs me to see.

I was not conscious of resisting my spiritual sight because I like to think that I am always listening and looking for God’s direction. But this thing with these eyeglasses is making me think that I need to check my spiritual arrogance at the door and step up my game of obedience and willingness to see and hear using my spiritual faculties right along with my physical ones.

So, I am giving thanks for both my physical and spiritual vision along with a willingness, intention and expectation for the highest and greatest outcome with both!  Join me in this experiment.

Using my eyes to see and my ears to hear,


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