Advice for queens and kings of procrastination


LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE Dear Lucy: In your last article you talked about goals and things we may do to block reaching them. You mentioned procrastination and that is my biggest problem. Can you say more about it? – The Queen Of Putting It Off

Dear Queen: Don't despair. Not doing is just the flip side of doing. You have the power to be the queen of the one you choose, moment by moment. Sometimes, not doing is as important as doing. The truth is that we all know when we need to choose a different way of being. That still, small voice speaks to us and relentlessly tries to move us to the best choice.

Recently, I was making a purchase on line and did not complete it. I got an email from the vendor reminding me to complete my order. It was cute and said this:

"I've noticed that you haven't yet completed your order. Let me just take a guess at why (just humor me). These are a few things I can think of...

1. A polar bear knocked at your front door {;)}.

2. It was dinnertime and you had to jet off quickly.

3. Your family was running around tugging on your shirt asking you to help with something.

4. Our page was down (oops, sorry for that. I'm sure its fixed by now).

This was the perfect way to get the attention of a procrastinator! One of the major characteristics of procrastinators is their inability to make a choice or decision. Another is that they have grandiose, bizarre reasons for not finishing or moving forward; and they like to blame someone else or the system. With humor, this vendor covered every possibility for my not finishing the order. Of course, the one that was willfully ignored by them is the possibility that I made a CHOICE not to finish!

The other real biggee with procrastinators is the fear of moving forward, fear of the unknown due to lack of clarity about the consequences of forward momentum and the habitual trick of self sabotage. The opposite of Fear is Love. Getting results in ways that move us forward requires Love. Love of self, love of the dream, love of what the success can bring and love of all of the learning that takes place during the journey to success.

So, are you loving yourself enough to give yourself permission to have your dream or goal? Are you passionate and on fire enough about it to not allow yourself or anyone else to throw water on it? Do you love what it can do not only for you but for others as well? And most important, are you willing to buckle down and discipline yourself to learn something new? Learning something new may mean giving up old ways of being or knowing.

Moving forward often means letting go of the past and sometimes letting go of people. We have to be willing to do this, if only temporarily. I hope I have given you enough to think about and diagnose your reasons for procrastinating. Remember to stand in your power knowing that to be wonderful, brilliant, beautiful and successful is your birthright!



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