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Romney and the NAACP: A missed opportunity

by Raynard Jackson
Special to The New Tri-State Defender

As anyone who has followed me knows, I have been extremely critical of President Obama's non-engagement with the black community. Obama has deliberately ignored the plight of the black community while giving preferential treatment to the homosexual and Hispanic communities.

But I can't in good conscious criticize Obama and then give the Republicans a pass when they display similar behavior towards the black community. I can't excoriate black Democrats for following Obama blindly and then remain silent when black Republicans do the same towards Romney.


Mayor’s gambit right on time

Mayor A C Wharton Jr. and City of Memphis Attorney Herman Morris pulled a proverbial rabbit out of the hat this week with a legal opinion that the newly established city of Memphis photo library cards would meet the standard for the new voter identification law established by the Tennessee General Assembly.

The luster and magic of the act had short-term appeal as State Election Coordinator Mark Goins quickly issued a statement of clarification, stating that the library cards were NOT acceptable as identification for Memphis, Shelby County or State of Tennessee voters.


The FBI, Co-Intel-Pro and the Invaders

The FBI, Co-Intel-Pro and the Invaders

by John Burl Smith

Since the death of Ernest C. Withers, famed civil rights photographer from Memphis, there have been troubling admissions by the FBI in the media (The Commercial Appeal, 7/4/12) that he was one of their informants. For some, the admissions have seriously tarnished an otherwise exemplary legacy. However, the FBI still refused to admit that Withers was one of their Co-Intel-Pro operatives against the Invaders.


Erectile dysfunction treatable with lifestyle change and diet

Erectile dysfunction is difficult to talk about, especially if you're the one with the problem. But let's talk about it for a moment.

Terry (not his real name) is your typical 39-year-old male in good shape and, in his opinion, eating a balanced diet. He's getting his proper rest as well, but for some reason his sexual performance hasn't been stellar. In fact, he has become somewhat depressed because he feels less than a man. The mention of sex just makes matters worst. And his wife, realizing the thrill is gone, has ceded she might be the problem.


Talk is cheap: Making results match rhetoric

by Jim Clingman

"Talk is cheap!" "Talkin' loud and sayin' nothin'!" Black folks do a lot of talking, rappin', espousing, pontificating, and philosophizin'. No matter the subject, we seem to know all about it and are more than willing to get engaged on any topic at hand. God gave us only one mouth, but He gave us two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, and two hands; we should get the hint that talking should not be the dominant of the five senses.


How much love can an African-American man expect from U.S.

By Benjamin Todd Jealous

On July 4th, 1889, my great-great grandfather Burl Todd, who was born a slave, held his son Jerome Todd Sr. for the first time.

And just last week, I had the same incredible experience, cradling my newborn son Jackson, born on the 4th of July just like his ancestor before him.

I never met Jerome Todd Sr., but as I held Jackson I recalled a conversation with my grandfather, Jerome's son.


Clarence Thomas: Worse than a member of the KKK

As the nation eagerly awaited the Supreme Court's decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, all eyes were focused on Anthony M. Kennedy, a staunch conservative who occasionally supplies the lone swing vote that tilts the court's narrow 5-4 rulings in one direction or the other.

But this time, to the surprise of arch-conservatives who had championed his cause, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. sided with the liberal bloc on the Supreme Court, giving President Obama an unexpected clear victory in his signature legislative accomplishment.


  • Written by George Curry