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Black Press backs President Obama

A few years ago, the National Newspapers Publishers Association (NNPA) was holding its annual board meetings in Washington, D.C., when then-Sen. Barack Obama walked in the room to welcome the publishers to Washington. He also indicated he wanted to share some news with us. The news was that he was planning on seeking the office of the president of the United States of America.


  • Written by Cloves C. Campbell Jr.

Guide for the Election

With the upcoming presidential election only a month away, I thought I would share some thoughts on how to interpret a lot of the things going on with this election.

I have received many calls from people asking about all the polls that show President Obama leading Mitt Romney. I am not a big believer in polls, but I do think it is safe to conclude that Obama is ahead by some measure – one can argue with the spread, but not with the fact that Obama has a lead.


Child poverty rolls on at epidemic high

The U.S. Census Bureau's new poverty data for the states show millions of families struggling mightily to keep their heads above water in the wake of the Great Recession.

Fourteen states saw statistically significant increases in their child poverty rates, 26 states saw small increases, and nine states and the District of Columbia saw small declines in child poverty rates last year.


  • Written by Marian Wright Edelman

Food challenge is daunting at $29 a week

Food challenge is daunting at $29 a week

I read recently where Greg Station, the mayor of Phoenix (Arizona), tried to live on $29 during a weeklong SNAP Experience program hosted by the Arizona Community Action Association. The amount of money allotted Station for food is the average food budget for a SNAP recipient per week. That's roughly $4.14 a day.

Living on $4.14 a day is next to impossible in this economy. How could Station – or anyone for that matter – stretch such a sum to make it throughout the day without sacrificing his or her health?


A compromise with extra pounds is no healthy choice

I'm sure you've heard the cliché that a man would rather have a woman with a little "meat on her bones" than a woman who is rail thin. Depending on whom you ask, the size of a woman does matter. So does the size of a man. It's one thing to be appealing to the opposite sex, but it's another thing if that appeal compromises your health.


Family income, home environment and the affect on young children

The arrival of a newborn baby can lead to mixed emotions.

For example, excitement, anticipation and happiness are common when welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world.

But other feelings may be more prevalent for parents who find themselves unprepared due to unplanned pregnancy, relationship turmoil or economic hardship. Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and depression can rise to the surface and detrimentally affect their parenting abilities.