Seven points to keep you from eating yourself into oblivion

Nearly one-third of Memphis's population is obese, which earned the city the unflattering rank as the fattest city in the nation, according to a recent report in Newsweek magazine. I'm not surprised by the expanding girth of Memphians considering that "The Bluff City" is deemed the "barbeque capital of the world."


A college degree, what’s it worth these days?

by Kelly Goff
New America Media

That seems to be the topic on everyone's mind as millions of American students head toward graduation this month. And by everyone, I don't mean my classmates, the ones who have scrimped, saved, borrowed and begged to pay for their degrees. I mean the professors, parents and education reporters who just can't stop talking about how bleak the job market is for new graduates.


A Biblical reason to vote against Mitt Romney

After President Obama expressed his personal support for same-sex marriage, there has been a robust discussion among African Americans about whether his stance will make African-American voters less likely to support him in November.


Flex your (political) muscles

By Cheryl Person-McNeil
Special to the Tri-State Defender

November is only six short months away, so the 2012 campaign for the White House is moving full-speed ahead. With more than 274 million Americans connected to the Internet, you probably won't be surprised that we have converged upon the Internet for any and all tidbits surrounding the presidential candidates since the beginning of the year. I think it's fascinating to see which candidates attracted the most visitors to their sites. Don't you? Aw, come on, aren't you a little curious?


Unhealthy church members need more than a sermon

It occurred to me the other day that if the clergy is so incensed over President Barack Obama's support of same-sex marriage, they ought to be just as incensed that many of their parishioners are obese and battling health issues without a clue on how to stave off the inevitable.


Connect the dots between broadband access and jobs

by Marc H. Morial
NNPA News Service

An after school and summer camp STEM Academy run by the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga has increased students' proficiency in both math and reading by 32 percent. In Central Florida, 70 percent to 80 percent of students who enter the local Urban League's Center for Workforce Innovation Job Training Program graduate with a job at the end of the program.


Pardon the Wilmington Ten

Of the seven years I was editor of Emerge: Black America's Newsmagazine in the 1990s, I am proudest of our national campaign to win the release of Kemba Smith, a 24-year-old former Hampton University student who was sentenced to a mandatory 24 ½ years in prison for her minor role in a drug ring.


Health care debate will continue well beyond Supreme Court ruling

by Akeya Dickson
NNPA News Service

Even if the Affordable Care Act survives U.S. Supreme Court scrutiny, a favorable ruling this summer will not serve as a cure-all for insuring African Americans, according to health professionals and a report in the current issue of Health Affairs.


Whittling away childhood obesity requires parental help

Childhood obesity is on the rise in America, which prompted first lady Michelle Obama to do something about it.


Congress is drowning African jobs

Imagine standing on the side of a river, watching a man drown. He’s not very far from shore, and he’s pleading with you to help. There’s a rope lying on the ground next to you. What do you do?


Are you a socially conscious consumer?

Here’s a news flash: consumers prefer doing business with companies that make a positive difference in the world. Are you surprised to hear this? Are you that kind of a consumer?


Healthy relationships key to healthy brain development

Over nine months ago, I began writing this column to share information on best practices to promote optimal brain development in young children, and soon found myself immersed in the sea of information that exists on the topic.


Vegan is a lifestyle that requires discipline

There are times when we all must come to terms with what ails us mentally and physically, which, if left untreated, could cause our self-esteem to plummet. In my case, my self-esteem took a nosedive.