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‘Benefits’ show when you are in the ‘know’

Recently I read a quote from an unknown author: “Everything that happens to us is for our benefit.” Sometimes that is hard to believe.
 Lucy Shaw

Recently I read a quote from an unknown author: “Everything that happens to us is for our benefit.” Sometimes that is hard to believe. Especially when it hurts you or someone you love.

Or, when it is something that could turn out just about any kind of way. It is especially hard to hold to this in the midst of the storm.

Now, I believe that God is good. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe that God’s will for me and for others is always good. I have been blessed to have three sons who blended so well when I remarried that they are simply all mine.

Today (Aug. 8), my stepson became ill and we rushed him to the hospital from the bank where he works. I found myself kissing this big, 48-year-old man on the forehead to assure him that all was well as we waited for the ambulance. I hovered around the door of the ambulance to be sure they handled him with the utmost of care and that they properly stabilized him. The paramedics were never impatient with me even when I hovered around the door.  

While waiting for the ambulance, a friend walked into the bank and held my hand and my son’s and quietly prayed with us. Another co-worker stood by steadfastly until we left the bank.  I called ahead to The MED to talk to friends to let them know that he was coming. When we arrived, we were met with gracious and courteous care (not just us, but every other patient and family was treated just as kindly.)

My sweet daughter-in-law (and I have three wonderful ones), was so very calm on the outside and knowing how much she loves him, I know she was just being a brave soldier and shaking on the inside. His cousin, Larry, showed up, Bible in hand, ready to stay for the duration.

On this particular day, I had planned to be at the bank, but my son didn’t know it. We had spoken earlier. When he became ill, he found me and I was able to be with him, while his wife headed into town all the way from Oakland. Even though I began to pray immediately, there were moments when I forgot to pray and got caught up in the drama of “what if?”

But, here is my point: throughout this experience, we were surrounded by angels that we could see…the friend who prayed with us; the co-workers who prayed for us; the ambulance drivers who were patient with us; the hospital staff who were equally patient and kind. I know that there were so many more that I didn’t or couldn’t begin to see.

The “benefits” started long before we got up this morning and I know that they will go on into the night and every next day. Benefits only show up and become real when we acknowledge them. Benefit is defined as “advantage: something that has a good effect or promotes well-being.” I am so grateful for all of the “good effects” laid out for us before we could even ask!

Look for your free benefits!


NOTE: My son is fine and went home from the hospital on Wednesday (Aug. 10).

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