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‘Do you have a power leak?’

Every time I even think about standing up for myself I get nervous. I am so ashamed for being this way. 
 Lucy Shaw

Last week I shared the quote about our deepest fear by Marianne Williamson. The quote suggests that “our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” That touched a lot of people!  

Here is a question:

Dear Lucy: I have always found it hard to stand up for myself. I let people run over me and say things to me that I would never say to them. Every time I even think about standing up for myself I get nervous. I am so ashamed for being this way.

Dear Reader: There can be many reasons for your behavior and your feelings.  When I was way-y-y much younger, this was an issue for me as well. I just wanted to be nice, not hurt anyone’s feelings and be liked. That created a big power leak in me!  I finally learned that I was giving away my own personal power to others because of this big need to be liked, approved and accepted by others. Neediness is a repellant! It is a turn-off that seems to also turn-on the worst in other people.  

I had to work at learning to recognize, nurture and preserve my own power. That’s an inside job that only we can do for ourselves. I had to learn to like me, to love me, to appreciate me, to applaud me, to be grateful for me. I had to learn to do and say all of the kind and gentle things for me that I longed to hear or receive from others. This allowed me to gradually stop the power leak.  

Begin and end every single day with gratitude for your capacity to be an expression of unlimited beauty, wisdom and grace. The moment your eyes open in the morning, begin to give thanks and just as they close at night let thanksgiving and praise for the wonder that you are rest on your lips. You will be amazed at how much stronger you will become. Your vibration of neediness will be transformed and people will begin to respond differently to you!

Here’s to owning your own power company!


(Check out Lucy Shaw’s website at http://www.heartworks4u.com.  Send your questions to her by U.S. mail to: Heartworks4U, LLC; 4646 Poplar Ave. Ste 201, Memphis, TN 38117 or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may also contact her for a free 20 minute consultation.)

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