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Cheerios ad: black dad, white mom, predictable response

cheerios-interracial-ad-400It's definitely not the first of its kind, but this Cheerios ad featuring an interracial family (black dad, white mom, mixed kid) is definitely rare enough that it's getting noticed. Over at Reddit, it has already sparked a conversation that has cycled through everything from "Finally!" to "Who cares" to "Call me when it's a black woman married to a white man" to "I don't buy products based on their god d*mn social views." And then there's a whole discussion about why Dad wasn't a "stereotypical" black man. Whatever that means.

If you ask us, the quality of discourse around the spot suggests that many Americans need a lesson in racial literacy as much as they need the cholesterol-lowering grains General Mills is pushing.

Check it out and read the reactions at Reddit.

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