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Target customers urged to take advantage of free credit monitoring

TargetSign 600Tennessee Atty. Gen. Bob Cooper is urging all Tennessee residents who shop at Target stores to take advantage of one year of free credit monitoring being offered by the retail company in the wake of the massive data breach announced last month.

"I strongly encourage any Target customers to take advantage of this offer, regardless of whether they've identified suspicious activity in their personal accounts," said Cooper. "Additionally, consumers should take the proactive steps of monitoring their bank account activity, and changing their PIN numbers and passwords."

Last month, Target reported a data breach in which the payment card information of approximately 40 million customers had been obtained by hackers. The stolen information included credit and debit card data and PIN (personal identification data) numbers. On Jan. 10th, Target revealed that the hackers also stole a second batch of data that included names, mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for up to 70 million people.



Can this ‘do-nothing’ Congress pass a new Voting Rights Act?

VotingRights 600A bipartisan group that includes Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) and Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) last week unveiled legislation that would rewrite the Voting Rights Act after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of it last year.

The bill would require four states to seek approval from the U.S. Department of Justice for any changes to their voting laws, creates a new formula to determine if states other than those four should also be required to "pre-clear" their voting provisions and in a nod to conservatives, generally exempts "voter ID" laws from federal scrutiny.

Can this actually be passed in a Congress divided by partisanship on nearly every issue? Here's a closer look:


Nissan, FedEx Express set U.S. test for all-electric vehicle

fedexelectric 600WASHINGTON, D.C. – FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., and Nissan announced Wednesday (Jan. 22) at the Washington Auto Show that the two companies will begin testing the Nissan e-NV200, a 100 percent electric compact cargo vehicle, under "real world conditions" in Washington, D.C.

The test marks the first time the vehicle will be running in North America. FedEx Express and Nissan have conducted similar e-NV200 tests with fleets in Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Brazil.

FedEx and Nissan have made clear their commitments to reducing the environmental impact of their operations worldwide.


The President should attack out-of-control college costs

prezcollege 600Seeking a reprieve from Republicans, Edward Snowden and the website that couldn't, President Obama and the first lady held a feel-good event to push the issue of expanding college opportunity. There were lots of smiles, bucket-loads of remarks on heavy policy lifts and the sense that the White House would do its best to guarantee no child—at least none of those lucky enough to graduate from high school—would be left behind.

"We've got philanthropists and business leaders here, we've got leaders of innovative non-for-profits, we've got college presidents—from state universities and historically black colleges to Ivy League universities and community colleges," said the president. "More than 100 colleges and 40 organizations are announcing new commitments to help more young people not only go to but graduate from college."

Yet, despite the presence of the nation's higher-education apparatus, the most important word of the nearly 45-minute conversation was mentioned only once: tuition.


Florida House candidate calls for hanging of President

joshblack 600On the national day of reflection for Martin Luther King's birthday, an African-American Republican candidate for Florida House District 68 took to Twitter to demand that the president be hanged for war crimes, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

"I'm past impeachment," Joshua Black wrote on Twitter. "It's time to arrest and hang him high."

Black, 31, used to be a street preacher in St. Louis before he moved to Florida in 2007. According to his campaign website, Black found politics around 2012 when he tried influencing the presidential primary, the Tampa Bay Times reports.


In 2014, is it important to see and discuss race?

questionrace 600Fifty-plus years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of his children being judged by character rather than skin color, The New Tri-State Defender used what would have been King's 85th birthday to probe whether it still is important to see and discuss race.

'We must talk about it'

Corey Tomlin, president of the University of Memphis' NAACP, has a view of the importance of seeing and talking about race and taking action.

"I believe racism and lines between color still exist today. It's easy to say we want to erase those lines...but to me...we have gotten too comfortable where we are right now," said Tomlin. "We must talk about it. We must have open discussions...but we also need to have some type of strategic plan to change things."



Over 100,000 African-American parents are Homeschooling their children

Kunjufu 600We hear so much about the plight of black children and their low test scores. We have not heard that African American children who are homeschooled are scoring at the 82 percent in reading and 77 percent in math. This is 30-40 percent above their counterparts being taught in school. There is a 30 percent racial gap in schools, but there is no racial gap in reading if taught in the home and only a 5 percent gap in math.

What explains the success of African American students being taught by their parents? I believe that it's love and high expectations. I am reminded of Booker T. Washington High School. They were honored several years ago for producing the greatest turnaround as a Recovery school. The principal had the opportunity to pick and choose her staff and emphatically stated, "If you want to teach in this school you must love the students."

Researchers love promoting that the racial gap is based on income, marital status, and the educational background of the parents. Seldom, if ever, do they research the impact of love and high expectations.


Educated black men remembered as ‘whiter’

colorstudy 600If you happen to be intellectually successful and black, your peers may remember your complexion as being a little bit lighter than it actually is, a new study published on Wednesday in SAGE Open has found.

The article, "When an 'Educated' Black Man Becomes Lighter in the Mind's Eye: Evidence for a Skin Tone Memory Bias," finds that instead of crushing stereotypes, educated black individuals may actually be remembered as "whiter" than they are and thus perceived as "exceptions to their race," enforcing perceptions about race and intelligence, Eureka Alert reports.

"When a Black stereotypic expectancy is violated (herein, encountering an educated Black male), this culturally incompatible information is resolved by distorting this person's skin tone to be lighter in memory and therefore to be perceived as 'Whiter,'" the main researcher, Avi Ben-Zeev, writes in the study.



Black unemployment rate falls to 11.9 percent

blackunemployement 600WASHINGTON – The unemployment rate for blacks dipped to 11.9 percent in December, according to the Labor Department, largely because likely workers, discouraged after months of searching for jobs with little prospects, have simply stopped looking.

According to the Labor Department, the unemployment rate for black men over 20 dipped from 12.1 percent in November to 11.5 percent in December and the jobless rate for white men fell at half that rate, from 5.9 percent in November to 5.6 percent in December. The unemployment rate for black women over 20 was 11.1 percent in November and 10.4 percent in December.

The unemployment rate for white women over 20 remained flat from November to December at 5.3 percent, the lowest rate for all adult worker groups.



Online gangbangin’: Flaunt it, boast about it, busted

onlinegang 600The beat comes in—a rapid high-hat, laced with a dope-smoking, hypnotic keyboard punch—and then the hook, an ode to how Twain Gotti, a 22-year-old rapper from Newport News, Va., will ride out on his enemies.

Gotti proceeds to spit the lyrics that got him arrested for an unsolved murder in 2007:

Listen, walk to your boy and I approached him/12 midnight on his traphouse porch and everybody saw when I motherf--kin' choked him/but nobody saw when I motherfu--kin' smoked him, roped him, sharpened up the shank, then I poked him.



MLK: Militant of the 21st Century

daniels 600Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. hasn't been this alive since 1968.

He's no longer that visually distant, two-dimensional figure, limited to speaking a single sentence taken out of context and shorn of its true meaning. Instead, the honest scholarship and media commentary considering what King faced and what he did have broken through the obscuring fog of conservative, and yes, centrist, propaganda.

In part, that's because, today the confrontation between the forces of progress and the racist reaction to that progress is sharper than any time since the 1960s.



Proposed tobacco settlement excludes African-American media

tobacco 600WASHINGTON – The U.S. Justice Department and the Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund have reached an agreement with the four major tobacco companies that requires them to spend more than $30 million advertising with the three major television networks and run full-page ads in 35 white and Hispanic newspapers as well as purchasing space on their respective websites but not make a single purchase from a black print or broadcast media company.

The 24-page proposed consent agreement, reached Friday, will go before U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Wednesday, Jan. 15, for final approval.

"We are shocked and deeply disappointed that the Justice Department, the Tobacco-Free Action Fund and the tobacco industry would all agree to sign off an advertising plan that totally disrespects the Black community," said Cloves C. Campbell, chairman of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), a federation of nearly 200 Black newspapers.


New ASU president not allowed to have lovers spend the night

asupres 600Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd, the new president of Alabama State University, may not have a problem with her contract, but a clause forbidding her from allowing any lovers to stay at her home has caused an uproar.

Inside Higher Ed reports that the single Boyd's contract included $300,000, a car and the presidential residence — and a no romantic visitors clause, which may be illegal.

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