Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Valentine


It's happened to the best of us. Valentine's Day rolls right around just as fast as it did last year, and you find yourself with the same dilemma. When it sneaks up on you, it's easy to find yourself plagued with the question of what to get your significant other at the last minute.

Fear no more, and look no further! Here's a



Highlights from the State of the Union address

SOTU-600Whether you missed President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address Tuesday evening or just need a refresher, here are some of his main points:

- Noting that more than 1,000 people have died from gun violence since the Connecticut school massacre, President Obama said proposals ranging from expanded background checks to limiting the size of ammunition magazines should receive a vote in Congress. "They deserve a simple vote," Obama repeated to sustained applause in what was the evening's most emotional moment with the families of gun violence victims in attendance.


Overtime for checking work email off the job?

black woman texting-300A federal lawsuit in Chicago claims that answering calls and emails from bosses on one's smartphone after hours constitutes overtime.

According to the Huffington Post, Chicago police Sgt. Jeffrey Allen claims in his suit that the city owes him and other officers millions in overtime pay for work performed on their BlackBerry phones.

"A culture has developed where police officers feel compelled to work for free in order to possibly gain a promotion and/or maintain their coveted assignment," according to a plaintiff filing.


Could the next pope be from Africa?

CardinalPeterTurkson-200Hours after Pope Benedict XVI's resignation announcement Monday, speculation was surging over who might be his successor – and what part of the world the new pontiff could be from.

The 118 cardinals who will pick the next pope are also in the running for the job. Those cardinals are from around the globe, but more than half of them hail from European nations, according to Vatican statistics.

Worldwide, the demographic trends among the Roman Catholic Church's nearly 1.2 billion members show a different breakdown, with the church seeing only a trickle of new members in Europe while membership numbers have grown significantly in Africa, according to Vatican statistics.


Chris Dorner and the roots of his LAPD war

ChrisDS018981525-200What authorities are calling Chris Dorner's campaign of guerrilla warfare against his former comrades in the Los Angeles Police Department has its roots in a hotel lobby in San Pedro, the city's port district.

In July 2007, the former Navy officer was an LAPD probationary officer, riding patrol with a veteran of the force, when they were dispatched to check out a report of a disturbance at the DoubleTree Hotel. A man had refused to leave the premises and was sitting on the bench outside the lobby when they arrived.


Does Google’s ad placement on black-related news amount to racial bias?

google-ad racism-400Have you ever wondered why when you search for black-related news using Google, several ads selling access to criminal history and arrest records pop up?

According to Harvard professor Latanya Sweeney, that happens more often than we think and may expose society's racial bias.

BBC reports:


Rainbow PUSH Coalition Economic Summit – a post mortem

JacksonNasdaqVP-600The mood was both festive and businesslike at this year's Wall Street Project Economic Summit, hosted by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, in New York City.

"For the first time," former U.S. President Bill Clinton opined during his speech last Thursday afternoon, "(minorities) are in a position to persuasively argue that the economic inequality, which exists in America today, is a severe strain on the economic future of all Americans."

Clinton was among a plethora of luminaries, politicians, and businessmen who gathered for the Rev. Jesse Jackson's three-day summit, which ran at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan from Jan. 30 through Feb 1.


African American History Month – by the numbers

5Bythenumbers-200The U.S. Census Bureau has released the following figures about Black America to coincide with African American History Month. I found them interesting enough to share.


43.9 million – The number of blacks, either alone or in combination with one or more other races, on July 1, 2011, up 1.6 percent from the census on April 1, 2010.


The power of a nap

Health-Nap-300Need to recharge? Don't depend on a cup of coffee – a power nap will boost your memory, cognitive skills, creativity, and energy level. A short snooze is an economical (and easy) way to boost mental and physical health.

To combat fatigue and stay on top of things at work and at home, make power naps a regular part of your routine. Say goodbye to a lack of drive and hello to simple a healthful boost in energy!

What are the benefits of a nap?


Nielsen asks: How many hours in your viewing day?

Cheryl Pearson McNeil-160Nielsen's latest State of the Media Cross Platform Report examines the concept of "just how many hours are in a day," measuring in-home streaming, in-home Internet and in-home television viewing behaviors.

Re-thinking the concept of "how many hours are in a day" almost sounds like science fiction, doesn't it? But, with time and place-based shifted viewing, we have the power to bend time and space to our will. We can watch our video content any time we choose and wherever we choose through our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), our digital video recorders (DVR), expanded video on demand (VOD), or on live TV (or Internet).


Want romance? put down the vacuum fellas

1romance-400Want Romance? Put down the vacuum cleaners fellas. It looks like mowing the lawn still is the way to go.

According to NBC's "Today Show" – it has been found that helping around the house is still what women want men to do, but it's the type of chore that counts.

Married men who spend their time doing yard work, paying bills and changing the oil have more romantic relationships than husbands who spend their time cooking, cleaning and shopping, according to a new study on the subject of housework and romance.


Rick Ross crashes Rolls after hearing gunfire

rickross-600LOS ANGELES – "Teflon Don" rapper Rick Ross crashed his silver Rolls Royce into an apartment building after he heard gunfire along a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., street Monday morning, police said.

"The driver of the Rolls Royce attempted to drive away from the direction of the shots being fired and lost control of the vehicle, striking a nearby apartment building," Fort Lauderdale Police Det. DeAnna Garcia said.

Ross and a female passenger were not hurt by the wreck or the gunshots, Garcia said.


The ‘Rainbow PUSH Wall St. Project’ interview

JJackson-600The Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project will host the 16th Annual Wall Street Economic Summit in New York City this Wednesday through Friday. This year's summit – "Wall Street to Main Street" – focuses on access to capital, career development and labor. In this interview, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and The Wall Street Project, talks about the Annual Economic Summit.

Kam Williams: Hi Rev. Jackson, thanks for the interview.

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Thank you, Kam.