Deadly echo: teen shot hours after sister attends Obama speech

JanayMcFarland son-400Hours after her younger sister stood behind President Barack Obama during his gun violence speech last week, an Illinois teen died when a bullet found her in a North Chicago alley.

Two people were being questioned Monday as police worked to piece together the final moments of 18-year-old Janay McFarlane, who left behind a 3-month-old son.

McFarlane's younger sister, 14-year-old Destini Warren, was among a group of high school students standing behind Obama when he spoke in Chicago on Friday. Obama cited gun violence that killed 443 people in the city last year as one reason why children need community wide support to help them believe they can improve their lives through education and hard work.


Emory president apologizes for citing slavery compromise

19emoryJamesWagner-350Published over the weekend, Emory University President James Wagner's winter message reflected on the importance of compromise in politically divided times.

The example he chose to illustrate his point, however, was rather unfortunate.

And before the weekend was over, he was apologizing for citing the so-called three-fifths compromise in which Northern and Southern states agreed to count three-fifths of the slave population for determining representation.


Man better off than dinosaurs against space threats

a lam mars500x279Nothing like the unexpected arrival of a 10-ton meteor to shift the conversations here on earth to talks of the heavens, writes Andrew Lamm, a "New America Media" editor.

Noting the explosion of just such a weighty object last Friday morning over Russia's Ural region and the shockwave that caused injuries to over 1,200 people, Lamm's commentary is interwoven with assertions and declarations from a varied lot.

For example:


America’s ‘Slave Narratives’ should shock us

Mrs-Mary-Crane-600"I was owned by Johnson Bell and born in New Orleans, in Louisiana."

Those words were spoken by a man named Frank Bell.

He said that according "o the bill of sale, I'm 86 years old."

His words, and those of thousands of other American citizens, were transcribed in the 1930s, at the depth of the Great Depression. As part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's efforts to restart the economy, the Works Progress Administration was founded, and one arm of the WPA was something called the Federal Writers' Project.


Passenger who allegedly slapped baby and called him ‘N*gger’ arrested, fired from job [UPDATE]


A Minneapolis woman says her 2-year-old son was traumatized by a man accused of slapping the boy and calling him a racial slur



‘Roots’ icon gets salute in ‘Kunta Kinteh Island’

18kuntaBen-500New Orleans will host screenings of a new documentary film, "Kunta Kinteh Island: Coming Home Without Shackles" on February 25th and 26th. The film honors the celebrated captive African, Kunta Kinteh, who gained worldwide recognition in the 1977 ABC television series "Roots."

Those who have lined up in support of the documentary include writer, director and actor Tyler Perry, National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial, and many other entertainment, civic and spiritual leaders. The film is also being widely supported by academia, with planned tour stops at institutions such as Harvard University, Morehouse College, Wayne State University, Northeastern University and St. Augustine High School in New Orleans.


History profile: ‘The Real McCoy’

Elijah McCoyAlthough the name Elijah McCoy may be unknown to most people, the enormity of his ingenuity and the quality of his inventions have created a level of distinction which bears his name.

McCoy was born in Colchester, Ontario, Canada on May 2, 1844. His parents were George and Emillia McCoy, former slaves from Kentucky who escaped through the Underground Railroad. George joined the Canadian Army, fighting in the Rebel War and then raised his family as free Canadian citizens on a 160-acre homestead.


Chicago students see a guide in President Obama

p021513ps-801-600CHICAGO – To these young men, President Barack Obama is a model of what they could become -- if they can avoid violence, unemployment and other pitfalls that have derailed some residents in their communities.

High school students enrolled in the Chicago schools' "Becoming a Man" program sat down with the president Friday in their school before he delivered a speech about the blight of gun violence on communities and the economy.

Student Vontate Stewart said Obama described his own struggles of the past and how he overcame them.


Man slaps 19-month-old toddler on plane, tells mother to ''shut that n****r baby up''

Jessica_Bennett_and_her_son_Jonah.jpgTODDLER ASSAULTED-Jessica Bennett and her son Jonah were traveling to Atlanta for a family funeral when her son was assaulted on the plane.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Minneapolis woman says her 2-year-old son was traumatized by a man accused of slapping the boy and calling him a racial slur during an Atlanta-bound flight.

The boy's mother, , said in a



Police: Couple orders chicken before sex in parking lot

SexSign-350Sonora, Calif., police say two people were having sex in a car, in plain sight of others, Tuesday afternoon after ordering chicken from a BBQ restaurant.

Officers cited 72-year-old Linda Titus and 62-year-old Garry Wells for indecent exposure before releasing them.


Lee Saunders, AFSCME's first African American leader

Lee-A-Saunders-600The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is America's largest union, and Lee Saunders is the first African-American president in its 80-year history.

According to Saunders, while AFSCME's members are only 16 to 18 percent black, its ties to the African-American struggle for economic equality run deep.

On the 45th anniversary of the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968, The Root spoke to him about the significance of the landmark civil rights event in the labor movement's history, the import of his organization's efforts for the African-American community and what he hopes to see from President Obama's second term.


Police Declare Christopher Dorner Investigation 'Over'


(CNN) -- Authorities said Wednesday they are reasonably sure that the body found inside the burned cabin near Big Bear Lake, California, is that of Christopher Dorner, the rogue ex-cop who had been pursuing a vendetta against his fellow officers.

"We believe that this investigation is over, at this point, and we'll just need to move on from here,"



Black Americans: The new face of HIV/AIDS



In the late 1980s when Clarisse Jordan contracted HIV, it was known to her and many others as the “gay White male disease.” She wasn’t gay, White, a prostitute, drug user, or any of the other identifiers used in the early days to categorize those living with HIV/AIDS.

She’d only had one partner, her boyfriend, but when her family discovered he had been diagnosed with HIV, her mother urged her to get tested. “I went in and my doctor took the blood and it took a month and a half for the results to come back,” Jordan said. “I wasn’t worried.”

Today, Jordan is one of the more than 510,000 African Americans living with HIV/AIDS in the United States and while Blacks make up 12 percent of the population, they represent 44 percent of total HIV/AIDS cases. She shared her story as part of the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day event hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health’s Minority Student Organization on Feb. 7.

“I’ve literally almost died 11 times. My mother never came to see me,” Jordan said after explaining how her mother kicked her out after she was diagnosed with HIV. “I’ve been positive for 28 years and my mother is just now able to ask me about my health.”

Jordan was in and out of the hospital from 1997 to 2006, but today her viral load, which measures the severity of the virus, is undetectable. Her t-cell count is high, which signifies the strength of her immune system, and she is down to 12 pills a day from her previous medicinal cocktail of 27.

“There’s nothing fun about having HIV; there is nothing pretty about it,” Jordan said. “The medicine basically makes you feel like you’re going crazy. Those are the side effects for me.”

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