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‘Right choice’ Clinton says of President Obama

  • Written by New America Media
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Bill Clintonby Anthony Advincula

CHARLOTTE, N.Car. – Former President Bill Clinton appealed Wednesday night to millions of American voters, making a clear case that President Obama is the right choice to lead the country for four more years.

Before a roaring crowd at the Democratic National Convention here, Clinton touted Obama's efforts to shape up the economic doldrums left behind by the previous Republican administration.

"No president, not me, or any of my predecessors have repaired all the damage in just four years," Clinton said.

"But conditions are improving and if you'll renew the President's contract, you'll feel."

Speech highlights

Jobs: In the last 29 months, Obama created 4.5 million jobs in the private sector.

Energy: Obama's energy plan has reduced driven oil imports and increased gas production to an all-time high.

Health care: Under Obama's health care policy, Americans between 19 and 25 can be insured in their parents' policies.

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