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NCLB – a choice for parents and a chance for student achievement


Monica Robinson didn’t waver with her answer: “I absolutely love it.” The question was about her thoughts on the charter school that her daughter, Mariah, attends. Special to the Tri-State Defender

Monica Robinson didn’t waver with her answer: “I absolutely love it.”

The question was about her thoughts on the charter school – The New Consortium of Law and Business School (NCLB) – that her daughter, Mariah, attends. Mariah, who is now in the eighth grade, was one of the first students to walk through the doors after NCLB opened in 2010 with a group of 35 seventh graders.

Students at NCLB are treated like successful members of the business community. (Courtesy photo)

“The school is small and intimate, everyone knows everyone and everyone goes out of their way to help,” said Robinson.

“Mariah was having trouble reading and she no longer does. All of the children have laptops and although a lot of the content is online, the teachers are right there in the class to reinforce and explain. Mariah was able to get the individual attention she needed, while the other children were able to move forward at their own pace.”

The NCLB was founded by Tommie Henderson in 2009 and opened its first class at its state-of-the art facility in downtown Memphis. This year, the NCLB opened its second location in Bartlett, and it will mimic the downtown location in design and function.

NCLB’s mission, said Henderson, is “to improve the intellectual dexterity of middle and high school students – extending their cognitive development, skills attainment, and ethical character thus enabling them to succeed.”

Henderson founded the very first charter school in Memphis – The Memphis Academy or Science and Engineering (MASE).

During its first academic year, NCLB student test scores improved by 23 percent. And the school’s culture, which, among other things, treats each student like a successful member of the business community, is credited with helping the students buy into the premium put on discipline.

At NCLB, the aim is to integrate innovative teaching, effective use of new technologies, and the comprehensive methods of assessment to ensure positive outcomes for its students. A smaller classroom philosophy governs, with the teacher-student ratio a maximum of 14 to 1.

Each faculty member has Master’s Degrees and most having significant professional experience in their subject area. The school partners with various companies and law firms that provide both financial and in-kind resources and the chance to see how their businesses operate.

NCLB is still accepting students for 2011-12 and has a few slots available for students in the 7th and 8th grade at the downtown location and 7th graders in Bartlett. Buses will soon be available for students wishing to attend the school in Bartlett who live in Hickory Hill, and Bartlett.

For more information, call 901-214-5298 and/or visit www.newconsortium.org.

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