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7-year-old girl sent home for ‘distracting dreadlocks’

tiana-parker-500A 7-year-old girl was forced to change schools this week after her elementary school sent her home for having the wrong hairstyle.

According to KOKI, Tiana Parker was pulled out of classes at Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa, Okla. for having dreadlocks. Officials from the charter school declined to speak on the matter but directed reports to the school policy, which reads "hairstyles such as dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, and other faddish styles are unacceptable."

"She went to the school last year and didn't have any problems," said Terrance Parker, Tiana's father who happen to be a barber. "It hurt my feelings to the core."

"She's always presentable," he added. "I take pride in my kids looking nice."

In an exclusive interview with the Fox affiliate, the A student shed tears as she talked about the incident.

"They didn't like my dreads," Tiana said. "I think that they should let me have my dreads."

Sources say administrators at Deborah Brown Community School feel that dreadlocks "could distract from the respectful and serious atmosphere it strives for."


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