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Ledisi: Back with a plan


R&B songbird Ledisi has been in the music game well over a decade. Her sixth album – “Pieces of Me” – is set to be released this week. 

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Thriving under stress: is it possible?

The guilt, the blame, the shame, the failure and the self-sabotage related to the stress of failure can affect anybody! It is a never-ending roller coaster of success followed by inevitable failure. ...

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In the mix: Chris Tucker, Stilettos & Sandals, Morris Day and Time

I’ve been wishing for a Chris Tucker movie or a comedy show for years…or at least since the last “Rush Hour.” I was beginning to think the guy had lost his love for working. 

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‘Do you have a power leak?’

Every time I even think about standing up for myself I get nervous. I am so ashamed for being this way. 

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State of the music industry

Mr. Del, Erika Pearson and Keelyn Ellis represent some of the best that Memphis has to offer. All three are making serious moves to keep Memphis on the forefront of the entertainment business.

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