TSD Memphis


Curtis Givens: Staying with ‘It’

Curtis Givens – president and CEO of CGI Entertainment – has been grinding in the promotions business since high school.

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Comebacks and turnarounds, dying young and more

Each year, I try to get away to a new city and recharge, and recharge I did. Chicago is a great city that plays out on scale that makes one thankful for GPS.

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Breaking free of debt begins with a mind shift

Dear Lucy: Sometimes I feel like I am in a prison! I don’t think I will ever be out of debt. Every time I try to get out, something comes up to take me back in. 

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Fred Jones: Memphis’ ultimate promoter

All conversations about promoters in Memphis are incomplete without including the consummate concert and event promoter, Fred Jones.

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Don’t let fear take over your peace

Dear Lucy: I live in a nice neighborhood, but I still have an alarm system that I always make sure is on if I leave or when I go to bed.

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