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Getting to know your beneficiaries

When you set up an IRA or participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, you are typically asked to fill out a beneficiary designation form.

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Work with me, the weekend’s coming

“Final Destination 5” is no joke. Not only is it intense, it is also in 3-D. This film is not for the faint of heart. I’m still having chest pains.

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‘Housecleaning’ your mind makes room for joy

Dear Lucy: I recently turned forty years old and all of a sudden I am having so much trouble with my memory. I used to laugh at my friends who said that they were forgetting more as they aged.

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Rochelle Stevens puts gold-star focus on health and wellness

Rochelle Stevens is a gold-star businesswoman specializing in health and wellness, with a track record that includes having helped thousands of clients lose weight and get healthy. 

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‘Benefits’ show when you are in the ‘know’

Recently I read a quote from an unknown author: “Everything that happens to us is for our benefit.” Sometimes that is hard to believe.

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