It’s poppycock to think you can get protein only from eating meat

If you're a vegan like I am and rely solely on a plant-based diet for good health, you may have been approached with this question: "Where do you get your protein if you're not eating meat?"

We are a nation of animal lovers. We raise them as pets, and others we eat as food. If you think about it for a moment, it sounds gross for someone to eat a carcass. Can a pig or hog be someone's pet?

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Check your lens if you’re not living the life you love

Dear Lucy: I do not love the life I am living now, period. I read your column, I love it, but the truth is that I don't like anything about my life right now. I am so disgusted with myself because I cannot shake these feelings of unhappiness. Help!

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Young Entrepreneurs: Mo’s Bows

BowTie-1Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. But no one mentioned that to Moziah Bridges, a 10-year-old student at Rozelle Elementary School.

With a little more than a year of business ownership under his belt, Moziah has already made a splash and a name for himself as a young mogul in the making. His company is appropriately titled Mo's Bows since his specialty is bow ties for those stylish and well-groomed individuals seeking to make a fashion statement.

Manning booths at artisan fairs, picking his own fabric and sewing the bow ties himself all demonstrate that Moziah is more than dedicated to growing his business.

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Hanging the ‘Help Wanted’ sign

Toward the end of 2011, an index that measures the hiring intentions of small businesses rose to its highest level in three years, and another report estimated that small businesses have added about 1.2 million new jobs since October 2009. All told, businesses with fewer than 500 employees have created about 65 percent of new jobs in the United States over the last 20 years.

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The Book of Ruth can lead to firm footing on career path

Dear Lucy: My daughter just graduated college in May with a bachelor's degree. She went to job fairs before graduation and like many of her friends started job hunting back in January. We struggled and sacrificed to get her through college and have the debt to show for it. We were led to believe that a college degree was her ticket to a good paying job. Maybe that is just not true anymore. Most of her friends have the same problem. How can I encourage her and myself?

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