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You don’t have to be an Olympian to keep your body in tip-top shape

The 2012 Olympic Games in London are filled with excitement as athletes from around the world compete for gold and the title of "best" in the world. The Games are televised daily with eyes worldwide tuning in to the greatest sporting spectacle known to man. It is a test of superiority and greatness that is seldom matched in the "real" world of average humans.

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Family business is serious business

Each year families across the nation start businesses. With the American Dream in mind, they eagerly pool resources and efforts to launch businesses that will hopefully provide them with wealth, independence and a sense of pride. These enterprises tend to work well because of the loyalty and dedication that is intrinsically woven in familial relationships.

While family businesses have their benefits, there are challenges aplenty.

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What is your business worth?

The market for selling small businesses improved slightly last year, but buyers typically still had the upper hand. The median selling price rose 3.3 cent to $155,000, while the median revenue for firms sold in 2011 rose by 6.7 percent.

Lenders generally require a professional valuation before extending credit to owners and buyers. But even if a loan or a sale is not in your immediate future, a precise valuation could be useful for effective business, tax, and retirement planning.

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Time to shift out of ‘Idol’?

Am I the only one who thinks "American Idol" has outstayed its welcome?

Once upon a time, we couldn't get enough "American Idol." We wanted more. It was a treat! Now it's seems that we are being force fed a version of it that was prepared by some inexperienced cook who filled in for the house chef.

We hated Simon Cowell didn't we? But you gotta admit we loved him at the same time. He made the show.

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Boss ‘making’ you crazy? Check your power source

Dear Lucy: My boss is a woman who is driving me crazy. She has no sense of time, priority or importance. She will tell you that something is really important to get done, then waste an hour of your time telling you stories about it, stories from the irrelevant past. Then, when you get started on the task, she will interrupt you with calls about new insights she is having and claim to be redirecting you in some way. I am stuck in the box of having to be courteous, respectful and listen to her while the clock is ticking and the work is getting nowhere. What can I do?

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