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Black identity and racism collide in Brazil

brazil 600Before teams representing their countries from around the world arrived in Brazil, the country’s president, Dilma Rousseff, took the opportunity to label 2014 the “anti-racism World Cup.”
The declaration came after a wave of racist incidents in soccer around the world targeting black players, many of whom are Brazilian. While it’s a well-intentioned gesture and a particularly important one for a World Cup being hosted in the country that’s home to the largest population of people of African descent outside of Africa, Brazil has a complex past and present when it comes to race.
That complexity can perhaps best be illustrated by the fact that many black Brazilians don’t think of themselves as black. Brazilian soccer star Neymar is a great example. Asked during an interview in 2010 if he had ever experienced racism, his response was, “Never.” He added, “Not inside nor outside of the soccer field. Even more because I’m not black, right?”

‘Tainted’ process does not warrant corrective action in District 10, ruling says

distr10 600The Shelby County Election Commission failed to follow “all of the procedural requirements” in overseeing the results of the Shelby County Commission District 10 race, but that does not warrant action to correct the results.
The Shelby County Primary Board of the Tennessee Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee and State Primary Board put its stamp on that conclusion Wednesday.
If there are no further challenges, the ruling means that Reginald Milton, who was declared the winner of the May 6th contest by the Election Commission, will take on Republican Geoff Diaz in the general election on Aug. 7th.

Family to honor late Judge Higgs with LeMoyne-Owen scholarship

higgs 600The teachings, preachings, lessons and words of wisdom from great American leaders are too often forgotten after they pass away, leaving generations unaware of the sacrifices that were made to provide many of today’s opportunities. 
That is why the family of the late Judge W. Otis Higgs Jr. is honoring his legacy with the establishment of The Judge W. Otis Higgs, Jr. Endowment Scholarship at The LeMoyne-Owen College (LOC).

Anti-effeminacy in the black community

anti 600Words like sissy and f** can often be heard in the black community to describe a man who falls outside the comparatively restrictive confounds of black male masculinity.  However, why black men in particular focus on masculinity more than their other racial counterparts is often misunderstood. Two theories seek to explain the culture of anti-effeminacy in the black community. 
Sexism is something that pervades our country and society.  With the average woman making about four to seven percent, according to the U.S. Labor Department, less than her male counterparts when accounting for differences in total hours worked, job position, and total unpaid hours leave taken during the year.

Stax-UK connection featured at B.B. King’s on June 20th

The Stax Music Academy Alumni Band will perform with United Kingdom (UK) stax 600star Beverley Knight of the upcoming London premiere of “Memphis The Musical” at B.B. King’s on Beale Street on Friday (June 20th)
The performance, which will be taped for “Memphis” promotions for UK, is set for 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The Tony Award-winning musical debuted on Broadway in 2009, with the London run beginning in October with Knight as the lead singer/actress. One of the UK’s most popular soul singers, Knight will film several promotional videos while in Memphis.