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Palestinian and the Black American freedom struggles

Knowing of my concern about justice for the Palestinians, a friend sent me a link the other day regarding Palestine and Black America. (http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/180382/students-justice-palestine#undefined)
The essence of this piece is the author’s allegation that Palestinians cannot and should not compare their struggle to that of the African-American struggle for justice. Actually, there is nothing new in this piece. Those who oppose justice for the Palestinians regularly drag out quotes from various historic African-American leaders in order to attempt to make their case.

Democrats’ smart butt white boys syndrome

In 1984, former UN Ambassador Andrew Young described the inner circle of Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale as “smart a– White boys” who thought they knew everything.  Obviously, they didn’t because Mondale lost the general election by a large margin to Ronald Reagan.
Knowing that in a president’s second-term the party in power usually loses 29 House seats, along with the real possibility of Democrats losing control of the Senate this year, some party leaders are trying to give the appearance they are in control and Democrats will buck that historical voting trend.

Dems, GOP looking for black, minority turnout

BOSTON – With control of the House and Senate up for grabs, Democrats are looking to minority voters – especially black voters who heavily supported President Barack Obama – to turn out and help them forestall a Republican takeover of Congress this November.
Democrats are pushing hard and early to encourage black and Hispanic voters to show up in November, driven in part by fears of a drop-off since Obama won't be on the ballot. Republicans, meanwhile, are seeking to elevate their party's profile in minority communities to let voters know that the GOP is a viable option.

Grizz owner defends front office shake-up with new hires

Memphis owner Robert Pera says he made changes in the Grizzlies' front office this offseason to make sure the organization is headed in the direction he wants it going.
Pera discussed his decision to keep Chris Wallace as his general manager along with other moves in the shake-up Friday during a press conference. It was just his fourth press conference with local reporters since taking over the Grizzlies as controlling owner in November 2012. He covered a variety of topics in a 30-minute session.

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