Bankruptcy & Chapter 7: ‘Fresh start’

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically is filed by individuals, couples or businesses. Frequently referred to as the "fresh start" or liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 usually allows the debtor to receive a discharge from unsecured debts. A discharge means that the debtor is no longer responsible for paying these debts and creditors can no longer collect on these debts.

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Angie Stone, Faith Evans and Dwele

Angie Stone is making her way back to Memphis, along with Faith Evans and Dwele. Give the thanks to Dr. Derrick Payne and Marcus Dorris of Mix & Mingle Entertainment. It's all a part of Music Fest 2012 at The Cannon Center on Dec. 22.

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President shows street cred in ‘Obama Talks Back’

"This collection of letters (offer) a rare glimpse into the dialogue between our nation's youth and the President of the United States...They cover a wide range of human emotions, fears and concerns, and echo President Obama's message for change as these young people make their spiritual and intellectual pilgrimage into adult citizenship...

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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 11/15/2012

For movies opening November 16, 2012


"Anna Karenina" (R for sexuality and violence) Keira Knightley plays the title character in this adaptation of Tolstoy's classic tragedy, set in 19th Century Russia, revolving around a married aristocrat who embarks on a scandalous affair with a wealthy count (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). With Jude Law, Emily Watson and Olivia Williams.

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‘Tyranny’ of the moment and the search for life

Dear Lucy: I have been having a lot of physical problems for a year. I was so afraid of what it might be that I didn't go to the doctor. I also didn't have the time or the money. I was busy just trying to keep my head above water, pay the rent and feed my kids. My mother died from cancer and I have always been afraid I would too. I ended up in the emergency room last week and now I know that my fears were right. The doctor talked to me really bad about being so stupid and not going to the clinic to get checked out earlier. I feel sick, stupid and scared. Tell me something, anything to help!

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