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Mostly positive reviews for NFL’s new tablets

NFL Tablets
NASHVILLE — Adjusting to new technology just isn't easy for some people, even in the NFL where everyone is trying to find that winning edge.
Even in a pouring rain, Titans assistant coach Louie Cioffi flipped through soggy black-and-white printouts reviewing the opening series with his defensive backs. A couple times players shielded assistant coaches with towels to study photos of the Green Bay Packers.
So much for the NFL's new tablets only a few steps away.

This week’s DVD releases

Top Ten DVD List for August 12, 2014
“12 O'Clock Boys”
“We Won't Grow Old Together”
“The Railway Man”

Study: African-American homeownership increasingly less stable, more risky

home ownership
While historical barriers that excluded Black America from the homeowner market for decades have crumbled, there are signs that emerging types of racial inequality are making homeownership an increasingly risky investment for African-American home seekers. A new study from sociologists at Rice University and Cornell University found that African-Americans are 45 percent more likely than whites to switch from owning their homes to renting them.
The study, “Emerging Forms of Racial Inequality in Homeownership Exit, 1968-2009,” examines racial inequality in transitions out of homeownership over the last four decades. The authors used longitudinal household data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics for the period 1968 to 2009, with a study sample of 6,994 non-Hispanic whites and 3,158 black homeowners.

Hip-hop is changing whether you like it or not

Hip Hop
Every so often in hip-hop we’re introduced to a new kid on the block who happens to be white; this new face gets loads of media mentions and a group of the genre’s fans wild out on the blogs – they usually call themselves “true hip-hop heads.”
The latest to get the wrath is Iggy Azalea. Before her, it was Macklemore.
Plenty of white rappers have had to deal with the closed-mindedness of a group of hip-hop-goers that can’t get past the prehistoric idea that hip-hop is purely a black experience. This is far from the truth. Over time, the Beastie Boys, 3rd Base, House of Pain, Kid Rock, Eminem and even Vanilla Ice have left their imprints on the culture.

Racial, ethnic look at U.S. public school students

students by_the_numbers
This year, for the first time, there will be more minority students than white students in the U.S. public school system, according to federal government projections. A look at how the numbers break down for public schools from 2014-19, according to the projections from the National Center for
Education Statistics: