Top Ten DVD List for December 11, 2012

AfterKony-500Top Ten DVD List for December 11, 2012

"After Kony: Staging Hope"

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A doctor’s grim report is an avoidable bushwhack

This is a story that's all too common.

Before leaving her doctor's office, Jane was bushwhacked with news that was unbelievable and disturbing. A puzzled look on her face, she questioned how the doctor's diagnosis was possible and how it could to happen to her.

As Jane pondered the news, she reflected on how hard she had exercised and worked out every day. She assumed her diet was in tact because she ate the right types of food to the best of her knowledge. So to be informed that she was a diabetic was not something she wanted to hear, or believe – ever in her life.

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A mortgage in retirement may not be such a bad idea

Back in the 1950s as many Americans entered homeownership, the one common goal was to eventually pay-off the mortgage and own the house outright. Many years later, when the mortgage was paid-off people would have mortgage-burning parties where they invited friends and relatives to watch them burn the mortgage papers after making their last payment.

Reaching this goal was a sign of success and represented a way to a worry-free retirement.

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Certification: The cornerstone for supplier diversity programs

Certification – the cornerstone of supplier diversity programs – is our month-long focus for "On Our Way To Wealthy."

A supplier diversity program is a business program, which encourages public entities and the private sector to use historically under-utilized firms.

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A real ‘me’ dilemma: Family drama vs. Christmas joy

Dear Lucy: Christmas may be the time of joy, but it is also the time when family dinners and drama happen. Even though I want to be forgiving and friendly with certain family members, I just can't see myself being around them pretending. But my mother would be hurt if I don't show up with my family. What can I do?

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