Marlon & the Paranormal

ahauntedhousemovie09-600The multi-talented Marlon Wayans talks about his latest film, "A Haunted House," a spoof of the "Paranormal Activity" franchise.

Kam Williams: Hi Marlon, thanks for another interview. How ya' been, bro?

MW: I'm good, Kam. Thanks for having me.

KW: Where did you find the inspiration to write this film?

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Crazy about ‘Nazie!’

11nazieBOTSW-Hushpuppy-400Quvenzhané "Nazie" Wallis opens up in this interview that foreshadowed her Oscar nomination on Thursday.

Nazie was born on August 28, 2003, in Houma, Louisiana where she attends Honduras Elementary School. She is the daughter of Venjie and Qulyndreia Wallis, and sister to Qunyquekya, Vejon and Venjie Jr.

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Madea: Strong black woman?

Yes, you read the headline right. And you will be reading right when you see that the man making the assertion that Tyler Perry's renowned Madea character is a strong black woman is none other than Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam.

Yes, he did. Many might expect Minister Farrakhan to denounce the character that has been referred to by so many people as "ghetto" and "buffoonish." Minister Farrakhan, however, makes an interesting point when he says that he doesn't see the Madea character as a man dressed in women's clothing.

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Trusts – the basics will get you started

Many people think trusts are only for the rich, but that's not necessarily the case. Most estates must go through the probate process, which can be costly and time-consuming. And with tax changes scheduled to take effect in 2013, even modest estates could be subject to federal estate taxes. Certain types of properly executed trusts may help avoid both of these potential liabilities.

Trusts can also be used for other purposes, such as to provide for a dependent with special needs, to maintain control of a legacy for your heirs, or to make a substantial contribution to your favorite charitable organization.

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The business of entertainment

Entertainment is a business that can be lucrative, if done correctly, and Memphis has had its share of successes.

Entertainment covers a wide range of business endeavors, including film, television, theatre, music, publishing and multi-media. The supporting cast needed to make a venture successful includes lawyers, accountants, agents, managers, actors, musicians and designers.

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