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Outspoken About Ferguson, Jesse Williams May be This Generation’s Harry Belafonte

Willams and Belafante
(The Washington Post)-There are many ways to get celebrity activism wrong when it comes to a situation like the one that has emerged in Ferguson, Mo.
Appearing to be uninformed is a huge no-no, as is calling for a plan when you don’t have one — sorry Nelly. But if one can offer fiery rhetoric absent sanctimony and full of razor-sharp opinions, well, people take notice.

Governor promotes free tuition plan in Tennessee

Haslam Tuition
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam on Wednesday urged students to take advantage of his program to cover a full ride at two-year colleges for any high school graduate.
The Republican governor has been visiting several schools throughout the state and wrapped up his trip on Wednesday at Antioch High School in southeastern Davidson County.

Step Aside, Iggy Azalea, It’s Time for Nicki Minaj to Appropriate … Herself

nicki iggy_taylor.jpg.CROP.rtstoryvar-large
At midnight Wednesday, Nicki Minaj dropped the full video for “Anaconda,” an ode to bodacious booties with a heavily sampled shoutout to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 1992 signature “thickums” jam “Baby Got Back.”
What’s endearing, in an “Oh, the ’90s” kind of way, is remembering how “Baby Got Back” and its video were highly controversial at the time—to the point that MTV only played it at night. But thanks to the Magic City-fication of rap videos, “Baby Got Back” and its papier-mâché butt prop seem fairly quaint by comparison. In Mix-A-Lot’s video, the women wear shorts that cover their cheeks with fishnet tights underneath. Minaj gets rid of all that and dives pants-less into what an Internet-porn-saturated culture wants—dat azz.

Meet The 10-Year-Old CEO Of Mr. Cory’s Cookies!

Cory Nieves is a chicly dressed 10-year-old who plans on building a cookie empire even before he’s old enough to drive! The bespectacled fifth-grader’s to-be cookie line, Mr. Cory’s Cookies, is being heralded across these shores and now the young lad is making moves toward making his all-natural cookie dough available online, according to the New York Daily News.
Nieves began selling his sweets when he was 5 years old by offering passersby hot cocoa, lemonade, and cookies from a stand in his hometown of Englewood, New Jersey.

Spike Lee: ‘There’s a War On Black America, It’s Tearing Country Apart!’

The vocal and controversial filmmaker Spike Lee (pictured) recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper (pictured) that the violence against Black America — along with high-profile examples such as the Michael Brown execution at the hands of Ferguson, Miss., police officer Darren Wilson — is destroying this country.
Lee, in no uncertain terms, spoke about the treatment of Blacks in this country, “There’s a war on the Black male, and it’s tearing the country apart. It’s not just killing us. It’s the educational system, it’s the prison system, it’s these young Black men growing up with no hope. It’s systematic. We get blinded to think because we got Oprah, we got Michael Jordan, we got LeBron, we got Beyoncé, we got Jay Z, that everything’s OK. They are the exception. The Black underclass is growing every single day.”