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#PURPLESSENCE: Prince at the 20th Anniversary ESSENCE Festival 07 July 2014 Entertainment
‘The Power Within, A Woman’s Worth: From Both Sexes’ 07 July 2014 Entertainment
This week’s DVD releases 07 July 2014 Original
About the Tri-State Defender 06 July 2014 Tri-State Defender
Seriously? One third of Americans think Obama is worst President since WWII 05 July 2014 Opinion
The disappearance of the black coach: African-Americans shut out of college basketball 05 July 2014 Sports
Who will save our missing children of color? 05 July 2014 Entertainment
Shock jock fired over ‘racially charged’ posts 05 July 2014 Entertainment
Marching back to Mississippi 05 July 2014 News
Use of arrest records at heart of class action suit against U.S. Census Bureau 05 July 2014 National
THIS WEEKEND IN MEMPHIS! 04 July 2014 Original
McLemore & College: ‘Where do we go from here?’ 04 July 2014 Original
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center to operate West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center 04 July 2014 News
‘Dude, was that Hank Aaron?’ 04 July 2014 Original
Obama Administration makes room for a University of Memphis graduate 04 July 2014 Original
What’s John Leake doing in Russia? 04 July 2014 Original
People who are not invited to The Root’s 4th of July Barbecue 04 July 2014 Opinion
Plan in works for coverage options for all retirees 03 July 2014 Original
Angelo Smith – the first of many! 03 July 2014 Original
Be careful! July 4th holiday warrants safety considerations 03 July 2014 News