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Blacks need more racists

rayjack 600A few weeks ago, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) made a stunning announcement that caused a lot of consternation in the Black community.
UNCF had accepted a $ 25 million contribution from Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation.
Under normal circumstances, David and Charles Koch – the brothers who control the two entities – would be applauded for their generosity.  But some blacks have labeled the Koch brothers as racist simply because they are white, conservative, and libertarians who believe in smaller government, lower taxes and ballot integrity.

It’s not crazy for African-American World Cup fans to root for Ghana

soccer 600Dear Race Manners:
In Team USA’s World Cup game against Ghana, I found myself cheering for Ghana. On Twitter I was accused of being unpatriotic, including by some people I respect. It’s hard to explain, but what can I say? I wanted the African team – or maybe the brown(est) team – to win (I’m black). Am I wrong? – World Cup Worries
If your friends are going to commit to tweeting accusations about patriotism at those who cheer for squads other than Team USA, they’ll be busy. I used the social network to ask, “Raise your hand if you cheer for World Cup teams playing against Team USA because of something to do with your racial/ethnic identity,” and received a chorus of affirmative responses, like this one:

Supt. Hopson embraces opportunity to ‘continue leading this great school district’

hopsoncontract 600“Very grateful for the board’s trust and confidence in me to continue leading this great school district” was the succinct, low-key description Shelby County Schools Supt. Dorsey Hopson used to acknowledge his two-year contract extension.
The Shelby County Board of Education (SCBE) approved the extension during a Special Called Business Meeting on Monday.

Blacks have not recovered from the recovery

 malveaux 600Judging from its June 18-19 meeting, the Federal Reserve is hedging its bets.  It says the U.S. economy is on the mend, but more slowly than expected.  They’ve reduced their estimate for economic growth and say that it will take a year or more to get to where we were six years ago.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has offered a starker forecast. Expected growth for the United States is about 3 percent, a level considered “normal” and “in recovery.”  They projected something right above 2 percent earlier this year.  Now, they say the United States economy will grow at about 1.9 percent, below robust recovery, and that it will take until 2018 to get the labor market back on track.

Blind Boys of Alabama and Taj Majal

The Blind Boys of Alabama opened for Taj Majal on June 18th at the New concertreview 600Jersey State Theatre, where they easily managed to eclipse the headliner in terms of intensity and audience appeal. “Boys” is a bit of misnomer for the six-time Grammy-winning gospel group formed way back in the 1930s by 9-year-old students attending the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind, located in Talledega.
Sadly, only a couple of the founding members are still alive, Jimmy Carter and Clarence Fountain, and the latter’s participation in concerts is limited to the extent his failing health allows. But in the early decades, the talented ensemble crisscrossed the country, often going on tour with The Blind Boys of Mississippi, with whom they would share the stage in a friendly battle of the bands.