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Give thanks in all things and watch what happens

Dear Lucy: I work for a woman who has no idea how to give a compliment! She looks for the slightest error in all of my work. I am constantly on pins and needles, waiting for her to criticize my work. My last boss was the same way. I know that I do good work and pretty soon I am going to go off on this woman and probably lose my job. Help!

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Church Leaders: Empowering the African-American community

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth S. Robinson, pastor/CEO of Saint Andrew African Methodist Episcopal Church, guides an enterprise of ministries, funded programs and corporations that stretch the traditional concept of a "church."

As a multifaceted, faith-based, social service and community development agency, a major part of St. Andrew's mission is to actively demonstrate faith by works.

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The split-annuity strategy

The split-annuity strategy involves purchasing two types of annuity contracts: immediate and deferred. The immediate annuity would provide a current income stream during the early years of retirement, and the deferred annuity would have the potential to provide a future income stream.

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B-A-M-M – ‘We just keep doing what we’re doing!’

No conversation about the church and economic development is complete without referencing The New Olivet Baptist Church and the Rev. Kenneth T. Whalum Jr. For years, Rev. Whalum and First Lady Sheila Whalum have supported African-American business and literally sent thousands of customers to deserving businesses through their Bust A Move Monday Initiative.

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Celebrate Juneteenth without becoming a slave to unhealthy food

It has been nearly 150 years since President Abraham Lincoln issued an Executive Order that proclaimed the freedom of slaves in those 10 rebellious states after the raging American Civil War. But the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863, was not celebrated by the enslaved until June 19, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger stormed into Galveston, Texas with his Union troops to enforce the president's order.

Juneteenth, as it is referred to today, is celebrated in dozens of U.S. states by African Americans who continue to commemorate the freedom of ancestors

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