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Yes, we remember Sherman Hemsley!

No other character on television has touched our hearts the way that George Jefferson did. Here's a character that came up from nothing and became a successful businessman. As a matter of fact, he became synonymous with the phrase "moving on up".

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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 07/26/2012

For movies opening July 27, 2012


"Step Up Revolution" (PG-13 for profanity and sensuality) 4th installment in the hip-hop, street dance series, set in Miami, revolves around the classically-trained daughter (Kathryn McCormick) of a wealthy businessman (Peter Gallagher) who falls in love with a flash mob choreographer (Ryan Guzman) trying to save his 'hood from a developer's wrecking ball. With Adam Sevani, Stephen Boss and Chadd Smith.

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‘We the Party’ serves up African-American answer to ‘American Pie’

It's hard to ignore the parallels between "We the Party" and "American Pie" (1999). After all, the latter revolved around a quartet of horny, high school students competing to lose their virginity before graduation, and we find the testosterone-driven quintet at the center of "We the Party" in pursuit of the same rite of passage shortly before their senior prom.

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Compassion must trump profit if cancer patients are to survive

A young man with tears in his eyes could not believe the words that came from his doctor's mouth: "You have cancer."

Those three words felt like a dagger driven deep into the young man's chest and twisted from side to side each time he thought about the doctor's diagnosis and the predicament he now found himself in. He'd lived a fruitful life; now death was inevitable – a fate he didn't expect.

The young man, who decided to remain anonymous, tried to remain strong for his family. They in turn tried to assure him that he was going to be all right. But they couldn't feel his pain.

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What’s your retirement vision?

Wouldn't it be disappointing to dream about a comfortable retirement and then find yourself unable to enjoy your leisure years because of limited financial resources? Unfortunately, this is a possibility for people who underestimate retirement expenses and the rising cost of living.

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