Three generations fuel body shop and towing service

FatherSonTowing-2I recently had a fender bender and needed someone to tow my vehicle and tell me the extent of the damage. I remembered having been introduced to Father & Son Towing at a networking event and was fortunate to still have their card in my purse. With little time to waste, I called the number and Robert L. Hale Sr. was on the line. Shortly thereafter, my car was transported to his shop. When I say the finished product on the bodywork was incredible, I am not stretching the truth. My car looks better than before the accident.

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When your get up and go is off and running, ease up and check your hands

Dear Lucy: I'm just not what I used to be. I know that we all change, but I have lost my fire. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I just noticed that my favorite answer to every request is "no." No, I don't want to cook, clean, go out, listen to your problem...

I am not depressed. It's just that my get up and go has gone. Help.

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Inherited IRAs come with critical choices

Many people who inherit a tax-deferred IRA are confronted with a complex array of rules, restrictions and deadlines that may make it difficult for them to determine how to proceed. Unfortunately, beneficiaries must often make binding decisions about inherited retirement assets before they may be prepared to do so.

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‘I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up’

ShutTheFUp-book-cover"The American Dream is in dire need of a wake-up call... If only Uncle Sam could see us now. He'd roll up his sleeves, ball his hands into fists, and knock some sense into this nation of ours... But he's not around. So some other proud American has to tell this country what it needs – not wants – to hear...

"As a stand-up, I've traveled this country for decades, seeing it at its best and at its worst. And what I'm seeing (now) is terrifying to me. When I see something that's f#cked up, I can't remain silent. I ask why... It may sound funny, but to me this s#it ain't no joke."

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Get ready for a Classic weekend

Southern Heritage Classic Weekend is quickly approaching and it is gearing up to be another exciting year. Memphis will be the prime destination the weekend of Sept. 6-9. Each year two sets of Tigers battle it out at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, that's Jackson State and Tennessee State.

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