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You gotta catch Denzel in ‘Flight’

Next weekend, "Flight" starring Denzel Washington hits theatres and it will more than likely be another box office hit to add to his resume. Washington plays a pilot who becomes a hero after he crash-lands his plane and saves nearly everyone on board only to see his life take a down turn after it was discovered that he had alcohol in his system.

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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 10/18/2012

Alex Cross Tyler PerryFor movies opening Oct. 19, 2012


"Alex Cross" (PG-13 for violence, nudity, sexuality, drug references and disturbing images) Tyler Perry plays the title character in this cat-and-mouse thriller based on the James Patterson best seller about a revenge-minded police psychologist hell-bent on apprehending a sadistic serial killer (Matthew Fox). Ensemble cast includes Edward Burns, Carmen Ejogo, Cicely Tyson, Jean Reno and Giancarlo Esposito.

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College savings plans – some options

When it comes to college savings plans – as it does with any financial planning decision – the choice that's best for you will depend on your unique situation, including your risk tolerance and the number of years until your child begins college.

Another consideration is your child's plans. Does he or she even plan on attending college? If so, has he or she chosen a school? Talk with your child about college, then make an appointment with your financial advisor to find the plan that best suits your needs.

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Young caregivers defer dreams to accept responsibility

Joyce is a happy woman with two teenage daughters. When she arrived home the other day, everything seemed to be in place for this single mother and her loving daughters. With two jobs and a fulfilling life, Joyce was living her version of an "American dream."

That dream, however, was deferred after her daughters responded to a loud thump that seemed to come from the bathroom.

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Women in Business: Making their presence known

Biz-Oprah WinfreyThis month, we salute women in business by looking at models of success

on the national and local levels.

Oprah Winfrey, OWN

No conversation regarding women in business is complete without referencing Oprah. This year alone, we have watched her launch not a new show or movie, but a new network called OWN. If there was ever a role model of what to do in business, she has created the plan book.

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