Trey Songz: The ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ interview

texaschainsaw3d-03-600Trey Songz – undeniably one of music's hottest R&B artists today – talks about his latest film, "Texas Chainsaw 3D," where he co-stars as Ryan opposite Alexandra Daddario.

Kam Williams: Hi Trey, thanks for the interview.

Trey Songz: Hey, Kam, what's up?

KW: What interested you in "Texas Chainsaw 3D?"

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A timely, fitness primer strictly for sisters!

"Let's face it, ladies, as black women we have issues when it comes to food and exercise... If you're like me, you sometimes reminisce about the good ole days... when you could eat whatever you wanted [and] you didn't have to exercise.

So what happened? Was it age? Your love of fast food? Heredity? Soul food is typically high in fat, sodium and sugar... We've let our hairstyles determine the size of our waistlines, and it's killing us! Pride in your appearance shouldn't stop at the neck.

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Tagging up with 2012

We put forth every effort to be On Our Way to Wealthy in 2012 as business owners shared their experiences and expertise.

From government contracting to supplier diversity certification, churches' economic development to young entrepreneurs, crowd funding to bankruptcy, and from mini manufacturing to sports-related businesses, their stories were inspiring and filled with advice to help others avoid their mistakes.

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A perfect match: ‘Good’ and God

Dear Lucy: It is another year! Maybe that means that I don't have to go through all the stuff I went through last year that made my life just one long, hard, bumpy road. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for all things good, I just don't want to struggle this year. Any ideas?

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Your gender and credit card debt

An April 2012 study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation shows that women with low levels of financial literacy are more likely to engage in costly credit card behaviors than men with low financial literacy. Interestingly, there was no disparity in credit card behavior between men and women with high levels of financial literacy.

Does your financial intelligence need a boost? Below are some tips to help change costly behavior patterns and, hopefully, close the gender gap in credit card debt.

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