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Be careful! July 4th holiday warrants safety considerations

fireworks 600
As Memphians prepare to observe the 4th of July, public safety officials are warning celebrants to practice safety.
On an average, approximately 30,100 fires and 9,500 injuries occur as a result of the use of fireworks each year, according to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

TVA’s move to retire Allen coal plant draws Sierra Club support

AllenPlant 600
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on Wednesday announced a proposal to retire its Allen Fossil Plant and replace it with a natural gas facility. TVA will hold a public open house to share details about the proposed retirement, as well as potential alternatives for electricity supply.
The announcement of the draft environmental assessment comes as a result of a settlement reached in 2011 between TVA, the EPA, as well as several states and public interest groups, including the Sierra Club, to end the region’s reliance on coal and move the Valley towards cleaner, safer energy sources. The settlement required the retirement of over 2,700 megawatts of coal-fired generation, while also considering the installation of pollution controls or the retirement of other coal units, such as Allen, by 2018.

Fullview Missionary Baptist church is on fire!

Fullview Missionary Baptist Church can now say goodbye to its $2.5 million mortgage, and it will be doing just that with the help of a few flames.
A mortgage-burning ceremony following the church’s 9 a.m. service is set for Sunday (July 6th) at the church at 7100 Memphis-Arlington Road in Bartlett.
The fact that the mortgage has been paid off within 10 years has Pastor Walter Peggs Sr. supremely grateful. 

Tennessee Promise extends new opportunities to students

Sen. Tate
Summer feels like it just started, but school will be back in before we know it.
For some students, this will be the start of their senior year. I know several who are starting their last year of school, and I'm sure you do too.
Those young people, if they haven't already, will need to decide what they'll do after graduating high school. It's a challenging but promising time for our high school seniors, as they look forward to finally graduating and start to plan their lives.


This Weeks MOVIES
“Deliver Us from Evil” (R for graphic violence, grisly images, profanity and pervasive terror) Screen adaptation of Beware the Night, Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool’s supernatural thriller about an NYPD street cop (Eric Bana) who joins forces with a renegade exorcist (Edgar Ramirez) in response to the alarming increase in cases of demonic possession occurring around the city. With Olivia Munn, Dorian Missick and Joel McHale.   
“Earth to Echo” (PG for action, peril and mild epithets) Kid-friendly sci-fi, reminiscent of E.T. (1982), about a trio of adolescents (Astro, Teo Halm and Reese Hartwig) who surreptitiously come to the aid of a homesick alien stranded on Earth. Supporting cast includes Ella Wahlestedt, Cassius Willis, Jason Gray-Stanford and Drake Kemper.