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Me, my church and a wealth replacement trust

CharlesSimsJr-160MONEY MATTERS: Charitable giving can be a rewarding experience by allowing you to both give and receive. To enjoy the benefits of charitable giving, you can use a variety of strategies.

Charitable remainder trusts – the basics

To establish a charitable remainder trust, you transfer appreciated property to an irrevocable trust and designate the charity of your choice as the beneficiary of the trust. The property within the trust is then sold and reinvested to provide income. You retain a lifetime interest in the income generated by the trust, and when the trust expires at your death, the property within the trust is transferred to the charitable organization.

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What to do when the question feels nosey

LucyShaw-160LIVING THE LIFE I LOVE: Dear Lucy: I was at a professional party recently and met up with an acquaintance who has just gotten a man in her life and told me all about him and how happy she was. She quizzed me about my love life and my guy wanting and expecting me to tell her as much as she told me. She was downright insisting that I give her details about who he is, how we met, what kind of work he does. I never asked her these questions. I don't get it. She caught me off guard and I tried to answer her only to be mad at myself later. How do you handle that? – Ticked Off

Dear Ticked Off:

That is routine middle class drama. Some people have homegrown manners and ask how you are doing. Others ask what, when, why, how, where you are doing. Some ask out of profound and heartfelt interest in your welfare and happiness. Others ask because they are nosey and want to be sure you have not gotten ahead of them.


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This week’s DVD releases - October, 8, 2013

Resolution-2012-movie-250Top Ten DVD List for Oct. 8, 2013


“Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God”

“Psych: The Complete Seventh Season”

“La Cage aux Folles [Criterion Collection]”

“The Purge”


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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 10/04/2013

RunnerRunner poster-400For movies opening Oct. 4, 2013


"Gravity" (PG-13 for intense peril, disturbing images and brief strong profanity) Sci-fi survival thriller about a veteran astronaut (George Clooney) and a medical engineer (Sandra Bullock) on her first mission who find themselves in a race against time when they're left suspended in space with limited oxygen after satellite debris destroys their rocket ship during a spacewalk. With Ed Harris, Amy Warren, Basher Savage and Paul Sharma.

"Runner, Runner" (R for profanity and sexuality) Crime drama about a Princeton grad student (Justin Timberlake) who travels to Costa Rica to confront the owner of an online poker website (Ben Affleck) after being cheated out of his tuition money, only to become the corrupt mobster's right hand man. Support cast includes Gemma Arterton, Anthony Mackie and Michael Asper.

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TaKeOver for five hours of fun

Myron-Mays-160WHAT'S HAPPENING MYRON The TaKeOver returns Saturday (Oct. 5th) at the Prohibition Lounge at 94 South Front Street in Downtown Memphis. It starts at 2 p.m. and continues through 7 p.m. If you haven't been to one of these, you're missing out on five hours of fun. There will be food and drink specials the whole time, with music provided by DJ Suave and Bother John.

After you leave the TaKeOver, you can unwind and enjoy Boney James and Raheem Devaughn at the Cannon Center for a night of sexy jazz and Neo Soul. Tickets are still available at the Cannon Center Box Office.

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