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Lucy Shaw

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Lucy Shaw is a Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, and International Speaker with over 30 years of personal and professional leadership experience.

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The Book of Ruth can lead to firm footing on career path 13 July 2012 Religion
Freedom is ours to claim 05 July 2012 Religion
Vain? No! Curious? Yes, with revelations around the bend 28 June 2012 Religion
Give thanks in all things and watch what happens 21 June 2012 Religion
Hey ‘Just Mad’ – ‘Stupid is what takes us into learning’ 14 June 2012 Religion
Stop with the ‘only’ stuff about white, rich, good-hair people 08 June 2012 Religion
‘Messed up’ mind is an opportunity to take control 31 May 2012 Religion
Living and firewalking are in-the-moment choices 18 May 2012 Religion
Soul-directed sights come into view when resistance is kicked to the curb 06 January 2012 Religion
Curiosity trumps fatigue in the quest for growth 29 December 2011 Religion
Trusting in the ‘One’ treasure 15 December 2011 Religion
Get busy thinking what empowers you 22 November 2011
Watching our thinking, speaking and doing 16 November 2011 Opinion
Friendships and ‘plain old fun’ – making the connection 10 November 2011 Opinion
There’s a ‘whole’ lot of healing going on 02 November 2011 Opinion
No need to fear, the holidays are here – almost 26 October 2011 Opinion
Removing the ‘no’ and doing the ‘do’ 20 October 2011 Opinion
Maybe voting is just too hard? 13 October 2011 Opinion
While dieting, you may drop lbs. and ‘eating buddies’ – stay the course 06 October 2011 Opinion
Wake up and dream, because it’s healthy 28 September 2011 Opinion