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Town Hall seeks citizen input for Whitehaven improvements 22 May 2014 News
‘Christen, don’t give up!…’ 22 May 2014 News
Win in Toastmaster’s competition lands local pastor a trip to Malaysia 22 May 2014 News
Sistahs Succeed 2 Showcase set for June 7-8 weekend 22 May 2014 Entertainment
‘Soul food scholar’ and author Adrian Miller at the Cotton Museum 22 May 2014 Entertainment
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? – Making a home for African-American boys 21 May 2014 News
College-educated African Americans have harder times than whites 21 May 2014 News
A bittersweet tribute to black womanhood 21 May 2014 Entertainment
The fashion way 21 May 2014 Business
Is using lotion a black thing? 21 May 2014 News
Meet the black officer who went undercover as a KKK member 21 May 2014 News
Kam’s Kapsules: OPENING THIS WEEK 21 May 2014 Entertainment
NAACP presidential selection process again mired in controversy 20 May 2014 News
More self-reliance needed in Africa 20 May 2014 News
Recession leaves ethnic families 'Beyond Broke' 20 May 2014 Business
Next season, let’s see SNL do better at portraying black women 20 May 2014 Entertainment
Antron Brown continues to break barriers in drag racing 20 May 2014 Sports
Crews control 20 May 2014 Entertainment
Wilkins steps out with clergy support 19 May 2014 News
Michael Jackson is ‘resurrected’ for the Billboard Music Awards 19 May 2014 Entertainment