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Rivals gear up for next round of Tenn. whiskey war

Whisky Wars

NASHVILLE – The passage of several months since a heated legislative debate over the legal definition of Tennessee whiskey has done little to mellow the dispute between two global liquor giants and the growing number of craft distillers caught between them.

Jack Daniel's master distiller Jeff Arnett on Thursday urged state lawmakers to stick with the state law enacted in 2013 that required any product labeled as Tennessee whiskey to be made from 51 percent corn, aged in new charred oak barrels, filtered through maple charcoal and bottled at a minimum of 80 proof.

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Marlon Wayans to host Memphis Music Hall of Fame ceremony


Comedian and television and big screen star Marlon Wayans will host the Memphis Music Hall of Fame 2014 induction ceremony at The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis on Nov. 6.

 “This is gonna be a blast. Sharing a stage with legends like Ann Peebles and Al Bell will be outrageous,” said Wayans.

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Passing your business on to the next generation

When business owners fail to consider the possibility that federal or state estate taxes could be due upon their passing, the cash needed to pay the bill may not be available, and heirs may have no choice but to liquidate the family’s business.

Even if your business valuation falls well below the current federal estate tax exemption level ($5.34 million in 2014), you might not be entirely out of the woods, especially if you live in a state that has an estate tax and/or an inheritance tax with a lower exemption amount.

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* Haunted Happenings
7pm-10pm | Woodruff-Fontaine House

* Monster’s Ball
8pm-12am | Cadre Building

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Obamacare 2.0: Know the facts and get covered

Affordable Care

Last April, President Barack Obama gave a speech in the White House Rose Garden that enrollment in the historic first open enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act exceeded projections, with more than 7 million Americans receiving quality, affordable health insurance. That figure went on to exceed 8 million – including the more than 150,000 who signed up in Tennessee – and millions more who signed up through Medicaid programs like TennCare and now have the peace of mind and security that comes with not having to worry that an unexpected illness or a broken bone will bankrupt them and their families. Or that they’ll have to forgo treatment.

That’s great news. What’s even better, though, is that even more families will soon have the opportunity to get that same coverage through Obamacare. We know the desire is there. In a national survey by Enroll America, about half of African Americans said they “definitely” or “probably” will sign up for coverage in the second Open Enrollment Period that begins on November 15 – higher rates than other groups. But some may not even have to wait; they can sign up right now.

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