TSD Memphis


Could the truth be closer than we think?

I know you’ve probably heard the story about the guy who recently confessed to shooting Tupac Shakur back in 1994, right?

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Music & Money

Mr. Del, Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell and Al Kapone have all been perfecting their craft over the years and speak from a place of experience.

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Ledisi: Back with a plan


R&B songbird Ledisi has been in the music game well over a decade. Her sixth album – “Pieces of Me” – is set to be released this week. 

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Thriving under stress: is it possible?

The guilt, the blame, the shame, the failure and the self-sabotage related to the stress of failure can affect anybody! It is a never-ending roller coaster of success followed by inevitable failure. ...

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In the mix: Chris Tucker, Stilettos & Sandals, Morris Day and Time

I’ve been wishing for a Chris Tucker movie or a comedy show for years…or at least since the last “Rush Hour.” I was beginning to think the guy had lost his love for working. 

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