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Flagging kids in early grades as ‘at risk’ – Does it help or harm?

Long before students have even entered ninth grade, teachers are looking to detailed data to figure out which kids are most likely to drop out of high school. Though this flagging system can call attention to a need for flagging 600additional help to a potential dropout, there may be concerns, like inaccurate predictions, or worse, lowered expectations.
At Clinton Middle School in East Los Angeles, teachers are using a system called Early Warning Indicators, or EWI, which is part of a school transformation program called Diplomas Now, currently used in 14 cities around the country. The system is based on recent research out of Johns Hopkins University that shows what specific factors best predict the likelihood of dropping out of high school. The warning system uses three data points – suspensions or behavior, attendance, and grades in middle school — to identify kids at risk of not making it to high school graduation. According to an op-ed written by Diplomas Now in the New York Times, in the 2012-13 school year, “the program achieved a 41 percent reduction in chronically absent students, a 70 percent reduction in suspended students, a 69 percent reduction in students failing English and a 52 percent reduction in students failing math.”


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Redskins & rednecks

“A Little R&R on Sports” is the only network syndicated sports radio show redskins 600with co-hosts of two different generations. This makes for lively exchanges, good-natured barbs and friendly disagreement on a great many subjects.
However, there is absolutely no disagreement between my co-host Larry Robinson and me on the question of whether or not Washington’s National Football League team should change their nickname. They should.  No diggity, no doubt (Is that still current?). 

Nigerian singer offers virginity in exchange for abducted school girls

One Nigerian pop star is taking the fate of the missing Chibok schoolgirls into her own hands, saying that she is willing to give her virginity to Boko Haram in exchange for the more than 200 who are still missing, the New York Daily News reports.
“It is just unfair. They are too young. I wish I could offer myself in nigerianoffer 600exchange,” 23-year-old Adokiye recently told Vanguard’s Showtime, according to the Daily News. “They are between 12- and 15-year-old girls for Christ sake. I am older and more experienced. Even if 10 to 12 men have to take me every night, I don’t care. Just release these girls and let them go back to their parents.” 
However, whether Adokiye was going for a selfless gesture or not, it did not go over well with Twitter users who accused her of being “attention-seeking” and using the tragic circumstances to her own benefit.


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