How to raise capital via Internet crowd funding

onwealthy(Last week we discussed 'Shark Tank' and the televised opportunity to request funding from shrewd venture capitalists. But there are even more creative ways to raise much needed money.)

Earlier this year, the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act of 2012 was signed into law to increase the delivery of capital to smaller entities, creating more jobs. It was the fruit of a rare bipartisan effort linking the House, Senate and President Obama.

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Nielsen VP touts research value to business owners

econ-deve-forumCheryl Pearson-McNeil, Nielsen's senior vice president for Communications, can be a reference or a resource in just about any conversation that involves trends.

With more than 21 years of public relations, communications and writing experience, Pearson-McNeil's background includes advertising, television, public affairs, the non-profit sector and government. In a world where most everything can be measured by television time, time spent online and what we buy, she is an information treasure.

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‘Beverly Hills Cop’ to TV? Please, arrest that idea!

Not too long ago I read a report where Eddie Murphy was considering doing another installment of "Beverly Hills Cop." Yes, "Beverly Hills Cop 4." I remember thinking to myself, "NO!"

I really enjoyed the first "Beverly Hills Cop." I actually enjoyed "Beverly Hills Cop 2". When it came to "Beverly Hills Cop 3," however, I was just a little disappointed. It seemed as if they ran completely out of ideas.

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A ‘Shark Tank’ lesson: Ask for help when needed

A few months ago, I had a discussion with a few associates over coffee. The topic of the conversation was a television show called "Shark Tank." I had watched it a few times and thought that it was intriguing. My associates found it captivating.

The premise of the show is a business owner bringing a product or service to a panel of professionals in the hopes of receiving an investment of money and expertise. It's called "Shark Tank" because the investors are just that, sharks.

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Vegan crab cakes fare well on D.C. road trip

If you're curious about what vegans eat, then you need to get my newest cookbook, "Vegans Eat What?" It's hot off the press and filled with scrumptious recipes that you can make effortlessly at home. And on top of that, the recipes are not just good and tasty, they're just as healthy.

During a recent book signing in Washington, D.C., I autographed some books and prepared my famous vegan crab cakes.

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