Boycott ‘Flight’ – Really?

I haven't gotten a chance to see the Denzel Washington movie "Flight" just yet. So maybe I don't get the reason why the movie is being boycotted by a fellow blogger by the name of Dr. Watkins.

Still, I can't help but ask, "WHY?" Watkins has called for a boycott of the Oscars because he feels that the Academy rewards black actors only when they portray troubled characters.

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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 11/08/2012

For movies opening Nov. 9, 2012


"Lincoln" (PG-13 for an intense scene of war violence, gruesome images and brief profanity) Daniel Day-Lewis stars in the title role of this historical drama directed by Steven Spielberg focusing on Abraham Lincoln's clashes with his cabinet over the question of emancipation during the final months of his presidency. Ensemble cast includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn and James Spader.

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Diabetes pushing toward No. 1 on killer-disease list

November is American Diabetes Month. With nearly 26 million diabetics and 79 million pre-diabetics in the United States, those numbers are sure to quadruple by the year 2030, the World Health Organization predicts.

In my opinion, the problem stems from the lack of intervention by the local, state and federal governments. Make no mistake about it, we are at a crossroad for treating diabetes. But unless our health authorities act sooner rather than later, we might not be able to move beyond the point of no return.

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Bankruptcy 101

While there may still be a sliver of a stigma associated with bankruptcy, the most recent economic downturn has helped create a view of it as a strategy to rise above an almost impossible situation.

From job loss and cutbacks to medical bills and divorce, life happens to us all. Every year, over a million people at various stages of life file for bankruptcy. The list of notable filers includes Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Thomas Jefferson; major companies such as Chrysler, General Motors, Chuck E. Cheese's, Delta Airlines, K-Mart, Perkins Restaurant and United Airlines; and even famous folks such as Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Larry King, Mike Tyson and Toni Braxton.

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Business builder or time waster?

In a recent survey, 94 percent of marketers reported that they are using social media to market their businesses, and many small-business owners were willing to tout its potential benefits. About half (51 percent) of small businesses (2 to 100 employees) reported that social media helped to improve sales.

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