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Best-selling African-American books for Summer 2014

best sellers
Autobiographies and books with political themes dominated both the hardcover and paperback non-fiction portions of the Power List, the quarterly compilation of best-selling books written or read by African Americans, which was released Monday.
The one notable exception was a health-related book, “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days” by nutritionist and certified weight loss expert J.J. Smith, whose book was #1 among paperback non-fiction books for the quarter ending June 2014.

These fire and fainting challenges are stupid and dangerous

fire challenge
A teenage boy stands in the shower wearing shorts and douses himself in acetone (nail polish remover). He lights a match and throws it on himself. When he catches fire, he runs around the house in pain until he ends up back in the shower and his friends put the flame out.
This is called the “fire challenge,” and it is the new THING that teenagers are doing across the country.

Houston, weave have a problem: robbers steal pricey fake hair

hair problem
Houston police say that a group of men in a truck who smashed into a beauty store and stole thousands of dollars worth of expensive weaves and wigs may have also done the same type of smash-and-grab at a cellphone store later the same morning.
Authorities told Click 2 Houston that the high-priced hair heist happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday at Beauty Sensation in Houston. The news station viewed surveillance video of reportedly the same group of men involved in the beauty-store robbery, smashing into a T-Mobile store around 4:30 the same morning.

African-American unemployment rate increases

The African-American unemployment rate climbed from 10.7 percent in June to 11.4 percent in July, an increased attributed to more African Americans looking for work and finding it.
“Building off the strength of the previous month, people have been encouraged to re-enter the labor force and search for work and that caused the unemployment rate to tick up slightly,” said Valerie Wilson, an economist and director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy (PREE).

African Leaders Summit in America

African Summit
The importance of President Barack Obama’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit held this week in Washington, D.C. should not be underestimated. This is a historic event for all Americans, but especially for 45 million Black Americans who all are direct or indirect descendants from Africa.
Because of the politically polarized atmosphere in Washington, D.C., whatever initiative that President Obama attempts to launch is met with the usual conservative or racially-motivated attacks on his leadership, motives or accomplishments. Yet, the sheer magnitude of 45 to 50 African heads of state along with their respective ministers will indeed significantly improve the public perception in America about Africa’s past, present and future.