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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 01/08/2013

GSmovie-600For movies opening January 11, 2013


"Gangster Squad" (R for profanity and graphic violence) Mob saga, set in the '40s, revolving around the efforts of a half-dozen detectives to prevent the Mafia from gaining a foothold in Los Angeles. Ensemble cast includes Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, Anthony Mackie and Giovanni Ribisi.

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Think and create the life you want

Dear Lucy: Year after year I make New Year's Resolutions. I have made some of the same ones over and over only to not reach them. Then there are some that I make that are a piece of cake. This year, I want to really achieve something great that I can look back on and be proud of. Do you have any suggestions about this? – "Ready for a brand new life"

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Counting calories no answer to permanent weight loss

It seems like no matter how hard we try to change our attitude, our friends or our weight, it either gets undeniably worse or decidedly better. As the years continue to add up, we can become stuck in a time warp or become completely adrift.

Leslie is a prime example. In fact, she has a serious weight problem. She's 5 feet tall and weighs 280 pounds. In reality, her large frame really didn't bother her because she assumed, like the majority of individuals, that losing a pound wouldn't be too hard. Without trepidation, she continued to live life to the fullest, as if there was nothing to worry about.

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Top Ten DVD list for Jan. 8, 2013


"Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden"

"American Masters: Inventing David Geffen"



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Trey Songz: The ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ interview

texaschainsaw3d-03-600Trey Songz – undeniably one of music's hottest R&B artists today – talks about his latest film, "Texas Chainsaw 3D," where he co-stars as Ryan opposite Alexandra Daddario.

Kam Williams: Hi Trey, thanks for the interview.

Trey Songz: Hey, Kam, what's up?

KW: What interested you in "Texas Chainsaw 3D?"

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