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‘Straight Outta Compton’ casting call is a straight up mess

Production has begun on Straight Outta Compton, the biopic about N.W.A. and Universal Studios is looking to cast more people for it.
They’re apparently working with Sande Allesi Casting, and the agency posted a call for the film that placed women in the categories A-B-C-D (it was on the agency’s Facebook page but was deleted. Gawker has the text).
The casting call created a pyramid of girls needed and ranked it in a way that is so offensive that I almost want to laugh at its wrongness and boldness. Did Donald Sterling write this? I read it and asked Jesus to take the wheel, hold my mule and be a fence.

2014 ACT-SO scholars build on tradition

Memphis area high school students who participated in ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, Scientific Olympics), a national program sponsored by the NAACP, are eligible for scholarship awards founded by the late Maxine A. Smith. 
The 2014 ACT-SO scholars were announced recently at a luncheon at the Community Foundation with their parents and the Smith family in attendance.

Cyber child abuse

cyber child_abuse
I was strolling down a very busy Broadway in New York City a couple of weeks ago.  It was a very nice Saturday and it seemed like everyone was out walking and shopping.  In front of me was a woman and her very young child (maybe 3 or 4 years old). The woman was completely entranced by her cell phone.  She was texting away.  Her daughter was walking a few steps behind her and was meandering around.  My wife and I found this very unsettling.  So, too, did two young men who were approaching us.  They looked at each other and got ready to say something to the young mother.  

Nothing essential about Essence

I wrote a column three years ago titled, “Black Women No Longer Have Their Essence.” My point was that Essence, the pre-eminent magazine for black women, had become irrelevant and an embarrassment to the black community.
Unfortunately, Essence has continued its decent into irrelevancy.

‘The State of Black Euphoria’

How amazing it is that black people in this nation, collectively, are the worst off but yet the most comical, entertaining, ostentatious, and self-defeating of all other groups.  It is striking how, in spite of all the negative aspects of our lives, we spend a great deal of our time living vicariously through the lives of super-stars and mega-heroes. They say “Ignorance is bliss,” so maybe we should use that phrase to our advantage by reporting the other side of the bad stuff we face.