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The ‘Rainbow PUSH Wall St. Project’ interview

JJackson-600The Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project will host the 16th Annual Wall Street Economic Summit in New York City this Wednesday through Friday. This year's summit – "Wall Street to Main Street" – focuses on access to capital, career development and labor. In this interview, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and The Wall Street Project, talks about the Annual Economic Summit.

Kam Williams: Hi Rev. Jackson, thanks for the interview.

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Thank you, Kam.

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Kam’s Kapsules: Weekly previews - 01/29/2013

BulletToTheHead-600For movies opening Feb. 1, 2013


"Bullet to the Head" (R for profanity, nudity, drug use, graphic violence and bloody images) Grisly revenge thriller, set in New Orleans, about a hit man (Sly Stallone) and a detective (Sung Kang) who form an unlikely alliance to track down the killers of their respective partners. Featuring Christian Slater, Jason Momoa and Jon Seda.

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This week’s DVD releases: 01/28/2013

DVDcover-400"Stories about African-American Heritage (featuring March On!"

"Downton Abbey – Season Three"

"The Abolitionists"

"Hello, I Must Be Going"

"Amazing Ocean 3D"

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Priceless reflections on female empowerment

journeytothewoman-cover-400"About 10 years ago, I was hanging out with some old high school classmates... drinking wine... and wondering what fresh hell lay ahead for us as we approached menopause and all the other absurdities that come along with aging... [Their] obsession with maintaining their youth made me sad.

Why couldn't they just accept themselves as the smart, wonderful and beautiful women that they are? A few wrinkles should not affect one's self-esteem. That conversation was the genesis for this book. I needed to know at what point did women fall in love with themselves."

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You’re not alone in your struggle with obesity

Chef Timothy Moore-160Uncontrolled weight gain saddles a multifaceted group of people. Closer inspection reveals myriad individuals with lives, thoughts and feelings that do not register with many of us.

Meet Judy Lee of Albert, Canada. She has come to the United States again seeking a way to reduce her current weight of 275 pounds, which makes her feel almost ready to live her life as a recluse.

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