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Don’t get sacked by bad food choices

Chef Timothy Moore-160Now that the Super Bowl is over, it's time to move forward with the game of life. Each of us should focus on the things that are important to our overall health – such as exercising and eating healthy – to keep diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and stress from ravaging our bodies.

Some people may be looking for an oasis in the desert or a quick fix to their health problems. In reality, regardless of the problem, it's what you consume that can cause debilitating diseases to sack your body. In fact, it's the foods that you thought were good for you that are causing the problems.

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Rainbow PUSH Coalition Economic Summit – a post mortem

JacksonNasdaqVP-600The mood was both festive and businesslike at this year's Wall Street Project Economic Summit, hosted by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, in New York City.

"For the first time," former U.S. President Bill Clinton opined during his speech last Thursday afternoon, "(minorities) are in a position to persuasively argue that the economic inequality, which exists in America today, is a severe strain on the economic future of all Americans."

Clinton was among a plethora of luminaries, politicians, and businessmen who gathered for the Rev. Jesse Jackson's three-day summit, which ran at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan from Jan. 30 through Feb 1.

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Dear Grandma: Hudson, Keyes & Beyoncé dominate on ‘Super’ stage

BeyonceUSMC-200Dear Lucy: I watched the Super Bowl Game yesterday and saw history. There were these three incredibly beautiful and talented African-American women dominating the screen with their moving performances. Jennifer Hudson was dressed like a 20's, curvy schoolteacher with a voice from heaven. Alicia Keyes was decked out in an elegant red gown crooning while playing her craft on the piano. And then there was the mega-star, Beyoncé who proved hands down that she can sing, dance, be a generous friend and take over a stage, stadium and screen. Things have really changed. No matter how proud I was of Beyoncé, I could not help but think that my grandmother would have rolled over in her grave to see her lack of clothing and public dance moves like that! I am not in the group that criticizes Beyoncé, I am just considering how much has changed.

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Top Ten DVD releases for Feb. 5


"Side by Side"

"Here Comes the Boom"

"Building Hope: The Story of Mahiga Hope High School"

"My Worst Nightmare"

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Miami Mike, the manager

MIAMI MIKE-600In the entertainment industry, the manager is primarily responsible for providing advice and guidance as to the career and development of an artist. It takes a person with the patience of a saint to deal with the creative brains of talent.

When it comes to creativity and accomplishment in the industry, few can argue that DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as Soulja Boy, doesn't fit in the category. But it takes a village to make sure that Soulja Boy – the rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur – remains relevant and on top. Part of that village is Michael J. Sykes, who is better known as Miami Mike, the manager of Soulja Boy.

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