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Citing capacity concerns, KIPP, Freedom Prep pull out of ASD takeover process

Freedom From Takeover

Two charter operators on Monday pulled out of the state’s efforts to take over some of its worst-performing schools next year.

KIPP Memphis officials said they would not take over South Side Middle School and Freedom Prep officials said they would not take over Florida-Kansas and A.B. Hill elementary schools next year, as the state-run Achievement School District had planned.

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The top cities for readers of African-American literature


AALBC.com assessed the relative strengths of almost 300 American cities to determine which ones are best able to provide environments that are supportive of, and conducive to, the enjoyment of African-American Literature.

Our 2014 list improves on our original list, first published in 2013, by considering more factors for each city. Some of the factors we considered and evaluated included:

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Hundreds of community members protest state takeover, charters


Hundreds of fired-up teachers, parents, and community members at Raleigh Egypt High and American Way Middle schools shouted down state education and charter officials Monday night with chants and boos at two meetings intended to introduce charter school operators to the school communities they might absorb next year.

Members of the crowd at Raleigh Egypt said attempts at taking over schools was not only ineffective and destructive, but amounted to a scheme to make money off children, a charge officials flatly denied.

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Black by popular demand


The black vote is said to be the determining factor in whether the Democrats hold the U.S. Senate.  President Obama is on black radio shows, and of course “Little” Al’s TV show, giving us the rundown on how important our turnout is to next month’s election. The Dems and Repubs are outwardly admitting that the black vote is the x-factor in this election.

Isn’t it great to be wanted and needed, even if it is just for one day?  All across the nation, black is popular once again, all because it’s voting time.

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Ebola: A long and ugly tradition of treating Africans as savages


Of the nearly 10,000 people who have been infected by the Ebola virus, fewer than 20 have been outside of the African continent.

But you wouldn’t know it from much of the alarm that’s being raised in some European news outlets and by the outrage of some American politicians who can’t understand why President Obama hasn’t banned flights from the affected West African countries. The Obama’s administration’s announcement last Tuesday requiring anyone flying in from Ebola affected countries to come through one of five designated screening airports has not quieted critics who accuse him of not doing more to “protect Americans.”

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