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Weekend circus turns Landers Center into a land of adventure

  • Written by Warren Roseborough

Circus-1-600I've been a photographer for many, many years and nothing brings me greater reward than capturing the encounters between children and the world around them.

Last Friday (May 17), I got yet another chance to record the wonderment that takes place when young people encounter the new and unknown in a safe and secure environment.

The venue was the Landers Center in Southaven and the setting was the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, which ran May 17-19. The circus' theme was "Fully Charged," which easily could have described the children's reaction before, during and after.

Circus-Duchess-600I've covered this circus previously, learning to get there early so I can capture the pre-show, when the children – from a few years old to teens – get to interact with some of the best that the circus has to offer. They lend the strong man a hand, dance with clowns, touch the camels and make pals of elephants.

I love the look on their faces and how the kids' enjoyment draw deep smiles from their parents and guardians.

And the circus being the circus, an enduring truth always surfaces – that there is a child-like aspect to all of us.


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