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Community Awareness Day at Greater Lakeview MBC targets information gap

CommunityAwareDay-1-600Joyce Glasper has a sense of what families want and need when a loved one nears the end of life. She shares that information regularly, just as she did at Greater Lakeview Missionary Baptist Church's Community Awareness Day last Saturday (April 6).

Glasper reaches out to those in need through Crossroads Hospice. She was among the service providers extending information during the awareness event held at the church at 191 East Holmes Road, where the Rev. Joe E. Hayes is pastor.

In her exchanges, Glasper emphasized the importance of making hospice patients comfortable. She also talked about helping families understand the need to let relatives in hospice choose to do things that are really special to them.

CommunityAwareDay-2-600VEthel Patterson, who helped organize the Community Awareness Day, knows the value of Glasper's knowledge. Crossroads was there when her family needed hospice care for her mom. The situation was not easy, said Patterson, who credits Crossroads for being there and helping her accept the end-of-life experience.

Other presenters provided details about a range of services and programs, including in-home health care service, Medicare and the role a car club can play when it comes to meeting community needs.

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